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hypothetical double class vanilla WoW server

don't forget that ascension-wow exists; its a classless vanilla server where you can get any talent with some limitations... so a double class server wouldn't be too outlandish

i got bored and typed this stuff into a notepad document over some hours, so i thought I'd share it here, especially since the ascension wow server exists


before any of the double class changes and etc., first these changes would be applied:

all raids and dungeons are otherwise in pre-nerf condition as far as difficulty goes, and not concerning the text below this line of text
BWL and its loot are nerfed into being T1, and is released at the same time that molten core is
the loot from ragnaros and nefarian are nerfed into being T1.5 instead of T2 items, with the exception of sulfuras, the hand of rangaros
T2 set items are nerfed into T 1.5 set items, and T3 set items are nerfed into being T2 set items, and the AQ20 set is not nerfed, and the AQ40 set is nerfed into being T1.5 set items
ZG and its loot are buffed up to T1.5, and onyxia's lair and her loot are nerfed to T1.5; both dungeons are released at the same time, and not on the server's release date
AQ20's and its loot are not nerfed, and AQ40 and its loot are nerfed to T1.5, and the war effort and etc can begin when ZG is released
naxxaramas and its loot are nerfed to T2, and karazhan is opened at the same time that naxxaramas is, and is a 40 man T2 raid... on another note, in TBC, the karazhan crypts are released and are a T3 level 70 25-man raid
rank 12-14 gear is nerfed; they are t1 items at server release, and become t1.5 items when naxxaramas and karazhan come out

reckoning is capped at 1 stack, and seal of command's damage is changed to 20% of ap for 1h, or 35% of ap for 2h
tauren get mace specialization
alterac valley is in its pre-nerf state, with the following changes:
the horde's towers that can be captured have guards who have ranged weapons
the horde's base has many more guards, especially in the inner portion
the horde put something on top of that one snow hill near their base entrance so that you can't just jump the fence to get inside
there is now an obstruction, placed by the alliance, that prevents you from hiking around the bridge that connects to the alliance's base
curse of recklessness also increases melee damage dealt by 5%
improved scorpid sting's stamina reduction is equal to 4/6/10% of the opponent's stamina, to a maximum of 40/60/100 stamina reduction(@ lvl 60, half at lvl 40, for example)
improved arcane shot's cooldown reduction is at least doubled, but not more than tripled

stormstrike's damage is changed to 25% of ap for 1h, and 45% of ap for 2h


THEN the double class server stuff, remember that this is hypothetical:


it'd be a WoW server that makes every player pick a second class at level 1(and only 1) after choosing their race and class as normal; they may not choose a second class that their race cannot normally get, nor can they pick the same class twice... you may not gain ANY xp AT ALL until your second class has been picked
when you click on a character, it will say what their second class is, such as "Grazer level 47 Warrior Druid" or however, and you'd also be able to learn the second class by shift clicking their name in chat, by looking at their entry in your friend list, and sometimes by looking at their resource bars

on top of getting a second class at level 1, all players would also receive the following benefits:
the base hp of the second class you picked is added to your hp as you gain levels
you gain 1 additional talent point at every character level after 9
you can perform the class quests of the second class too, and use items and such with the second class' class restriction on it
you can also choose from the talents that the second class gets, and have talents from 2 different classes at the same time

attack power scaling is as follows(str then agil):(+1/+0)+(+1/+0)=+1/+0     (+1/+0)+(+2/+0)=+2/+0     (+1/+0)+(+1/+1)=+1/+1     (+1/+1)+(+2/+0)=+1/+1     x+x=x, and x+x=/=2x, and cat druids still get 1 extra ap per agility, so the max ap scaling is +2/+1(druid cat form only), or +1/+2(druid cat form only)

however, this is not all; at the same time, the game would become harder too:
ALL NPCs would have their skills and spells and attacks reworked(as would the hunter pet's damage-dealing skills) so that most of the damage dealt and healing done comes from attack power and/or bonus spell damage+healing, and all enemies that are not in combat will have 60(extra?) hp regen per second
ALL non-critter NPCs that aren't summoned by players will receive one of the following buffs, and you probably won't know which one an enemy gets until you fight it: many of these are ripped from D2, the class ones are from ToME, and a few were made up
CHAMPION: the enemy's hp is increased by 33% rounded down, and their attack power is boosted by 20%, and their bonus spell damage and healing are boosted by 15%, rounded down, and their weapon skills and defense skill are increased by 5
GHOSTLY: the enemy's appearance becomes less opaque(or glows or is purple if thats easier), and their defense skill is increased by 50, but their attack power and hp are reduced by 25% and the enemy is lesser invisible  until aggroed and has its race changed to undead... you may want to bring a tank with healing spells and pushback resistance to dungeons and raids, or at least have an armored caster dps in the group
FANATIC: the enemy's hp is increased by 33% rounded down, and their bonus spell damage and healing are increased by 25%, rounded down, and their ranged attack speed and spellcasting speed are increased by 20%, and their movement speed is increased by 20%
BERSERKER: the enemy is red, its hp is halved, rounded down, the enemy's armor is halved, rounded down, the enemy's defense skill is reduced by 50, to a minimum of 1, the enemy's resistances are lowered by(level x 2), to a minimum of 0, and the enemy is in berserker stance and will stay in it, but their melee attack power is increased by 50%, their melee attack speed is increased by 25%, and their melee critical hit chance is increased by 5%, and their movement speed is increased by 33% and they do not feel pity or remorse or fear or etc. as if they're under the effects of bestial wrath, but they lose all taunt immunity that they may have once had; they also get a 10% damage boost for 15 seconds when taunted, and taunting them generates(enemy lvl*20) extra threat
POSSESSED: the enemy's hp is increased by 125%, and the enemy is immune to curses, silence, mental debuffs, blind, disorient effects, fear, and taunts, but has 80% of normal movement speed and attack speed and has 20% slower spellcasting speed and 5 less weapon and defense skill; also has its race changed to demon
AMNESIA: the enemy forgets what they're doing every 5-30 seconds, putting out the emote, "<name> seems to have been afflicted with amnesia", interrupting all actions that are being performed by the enemy and resetting the enemy's aggro table, and removing all taunt and charm debuffs, as well as mind control(but not enslave demon nor hibernate) and repentance and fear-like debuffs; amnesia will not trigger during a phase change, nor for 5 seconds afterwards
ARCANE ENCHANTED: deals 10% extra damage as arcane, is immune to arcane, has 25% bonus arcane spell damage, and knows how to cast arcane explosion, arcane missiles, starfire, moonfire, mana shield, and polymorph, and the enemy is immune to arcane-based debuffs(but not polymorph)
AURA: deals (enemy level) fire, frost, arcane, nature, or shadow damage or 50% as much damage as manaburn(rounded down+) every 3 seconds to all hostile actors within a 50 yard radius; damage is increased based upon the enemy's rank; rares and elites do twice as much, dungeon bosses and raid enemies and guards(such as barrens guard) do 3 times as much, raid bosses do 5 times as much, and gryphon/wind rider masters don't get it... enemies that are not in combat will not activate the aura, and enemies that leave combat will deactivate the aura
FIRE ENCHANTED: deals 10% extra damage as fire, is immune to fire damage, has 20% more bonus fire spell damage, and knows all spells of the fire spell school that untalented mages get, and flame shock, and knows how to use either searing, magma, or fire nova totem chosen at random, and gets searing pain, rain of fire, hellfire, immolate, flametongue weapon, and fire shield, and the enemy is immune to fire-based debuffs and diseases
FROST ENCHANTED: deals 10% extra damage as frost, has 20% more bonus frost spell damage, is immune to frost damage, and knows all spells of the frost spell school that untalented mages get, frost shock, and frostbrand weapon, and has enough spellpower to make use of those spells, and is immune to being frozen and to chill effects and other frost-based debuffs
EXTRA FAST: movement speed is increased by 50%, and attack speed and spellcasting speeds are also increased by 50%(not doubled)
MAGIC RESISTANT: the enemy's arcane, fire, frost, nature and shadow resistances are increased by three times the enemy's level
MINIONS: the enemy's hp is boosted by 20%, rounded down, and comes with 3 minions, determined by the enemy's spawn location, and the minions have 50% of normal hp and have 50% less attack power, bonus spell damage, and bonus healing; the minions will not drop loot, are always linked to the aggro table of the enemy who has the minions, and the other minions, and the minions do not despawn when the MINIONS enemy dies, and the minions themselves, like critters, do not have a buff
NATURE ENCHANTED: deals 10% extra damage as nature, has 20% more bonus nature damage, 20% more bonus healing, knows how to cast the druid's healing spells, and wrath, entangling roots, barkskin, thorns, hibernate, faerie fire, innervate, abolish poison, remove curse, mark of the wild, rebirth, and rockbiter weapon, and is also immune to poison
REGENERATOR: the enemy heals 3% of their hp per second, rounded down; that percentage is decreased based on the enemy's rank, to 2% for rares and regular elite enemies(including UBRS), 1% for dungeon bosses(including UBRS) and non-boss raid enemies, and .3% for raid bosses, did you bring mortal strike and wound poison?
SHADOW ENCHANTED: deals 10% extra damage as shadow, has 20% more bonus shadow damage, is immune to shadow damage and mind control, curses and shadow-based debuffs(such as mind flay), and knows how to cast shadow bolt, corruption, all curses that warlocks get, mind blast, shadow word: pain, and mind control; expect many curses upon your party or raid
SPECTRAL HIT: the enemy deals 20% extra damage as arcane, fire, frost, nature, or shadow, chosen at random for each attack
STONE SKIN: the enemy's armor is increased by 25 per enemy level before all multipliers, then doubled after all other multipliers; tanks may want to get creative when facing these in dungeons or raids, do you have a tank with healing spells?
EXTRA STRONG: the enemy's melee and ranged attack power are increased 50%, rounded down, and the enemy's bonus spell damage and healing are increased by 33%
TELEPORT: will teleport randomly within a 50 yard radius 5 seconds after hitting 75%, 50%, and 25% hp, resetting the enemy's aggro table after each teleport... they can also cast blink
DRUID: will engage in cat form while prowling, with either pounce then rake then rip, or ravage then shred or claw then ferocious bite; if a non-feral druid, will only polymorph after the openers at <15% mana or to remove a polymorph, in which case they go back to the previous form, and their rage and energy abilities will cost mana instead, and not very much of it either...
HUNTER: is a beast mastery, marksmanship, or survival hunter; the pet's attributes and such will scale with the enemy's rank, and will be a generic pet of a random species with its own buff(limited selection of buffs)
MAGE: is an arcane, fire or frost mage, if its an arcane mage expect it to cast fire and frost spells too
PALADIN: is a holy, protection, or retribution paladin
PRIEST: is a discipline, holy, or shadow priest
ROGUE: is an assassination, combat, or subtlety rogue, you probably won't know of this enemy's presence until it attacks you, and their abilities will cost mana, and not very much of it either, and all of the enemy's global cooldowns are 1 second in length, and the enemy cannot get combo points, but effectively always has 3 combo points against everybody
SHAMAN: is an elemental, enchantment, or restoration shaman... none of them get reincarnate
WARLOCK: is an affliction, demonology, or destruction warlock, the minion's attributes and such will scale with the enemy's rank, and it will be either an imp, voidwalker, succubus, or felhunter; demonology warlocks will sacrifice their minion if it reaches 5% hp or less AND the enemy's fel domination talent is on cooldown for more than 10 seconds
WARRIOR: is an arms, fury, or protection warrior; they will have a mana bar, and their abilities will cost mana, and only a little bit of mana; arms will always be in battle stance, fury will always be in berserker stance, and protection will always be in defensive stance

tamed animals(hunter pets) will keep their buff; it is reapplied every time they are called
tamable beasts will only spawn with one of the following buffs: CHAMPION, FANATIC, BERSERKER, EXTRA FAST, MAGIC RESISTANT, REGENERATOR, SPECTRAL HIT, STONE SKIN, or EXTRA STRONG, and the natural armor skill will apply before STONE SKIN
warlocks can type a command to choose which buff each of your summoned demons will get; you can choose a different one for each demon, including infernals and doomguards, but they may only have whatever buffs that tamable beasts are allowed to have when enslaved or mind controlled, a demon or humanoid loses their buff(but BERSERKER doesn't heal upon losing it) unless the humanoid or demon belongs to or is a player character... champion is the default
various talents, such as elemental mastery and holy power, are reworked to act more as their descriptions say, in order for talents to apply to spells and such that other classes get, so for example holy power also increases the critical strike chances of smite, holy fire, and the priest's healing spells, and elemental mastery also increases the critical damage dealt by, for example, the druid's wrath spell and the warlock's soulfire spell and the mage's cone of cold spell
two talents of the same name that also have the same effects will not stack with eachother, but you can still max both; the rogue's mace specialization will override the warrior's mace specialization, even if the rogue one has 1 point and the warrior one has 5 points... similar case for dual-wield specialization
using blade flurry will remove your sweeping strikes, and vice versa
a player with 2 different classes will have every proficiency that both classes can get, and will be able to learn every skill that both classes can learn(potentially inlcuding armor proficiencies and parrying), and will be able to do both class' class-specific quests and learn all of each class' spells
if one of your classes are rogue, all of your global cooldowns will be 1 second long, instead of 1.5 seconds long
you may not use most, if not all, paladin spells, in shadowform
dodge chance is hard capped at 70% against same-lvl actors, and parry chance is hard capped at 20% against same-level actors; block chance and miss chance are left alone, and the same goes for NPCs
using deterrence temporarily removes the dodge and parry caps
a player that has a relic-using class and a ranged-weapon-using class can equip either the appropriate kind or relic or a ranged weapon
beast mastery talents DO apply to warlock demons, except for bestial discipline, intimidate and bestial wrath, and the part of spirit bond that affects you doesn't stack
you might want to group up for quests more often than in regular vanilla WoW if your dps is low; group play is not a flaw

certain enemies will not get certain buffs; for example, c'thun will not get warrior, paladin, feral druid, rogue, enchantment shaman, nor teleport, and neither will other stationary bosses
ragnaros only gets one of the following buffs: possessed, amnesia, aura, magic resistant, minions, regenerator, or stone skin
the adds spawned by enemies will get a buff; stationary adds will not get the buffs mentioned on the above line... expect c'thun to be a very tough fight... and to possibly get nerfed

c'thun will always spawn with shadow aura
NPCs will not have have ranks of spells that are too high a level for them, nor will they have talents that are too high a level for them; an enemy that gets a buff that gives them talents(the class buffs) will get EVERY talent in that one category that they're a high enough level for to the highest rank that their level allows, regardless of how many talents points an equivalent-level player would have and regardless of whether or not they meet the prerequisites for it
NPCs that get a buff that gives them a class will get every non-teleportation/portal/food/water/etc spell that that class gets, except for those which are locked behind talent(s) that they don't get
NPCs that get a buff that gives them a class will have(and if they don't use em, drop) 1 of each of that class' reagents for the highest rank of each reagent-using spell that they know
enemies with a class buff will not not get any scouting nor threat management spell except for defensive stance, if at all
enemies with the balance druid buff will not get moonkin form
enemies with the shadow priest buff will not get shadowform
enemies with the warrior buff will not get overpower nor talents that give rage, and their sword specialization gives them bonus critical strike chance instead of an extra attack
enemies that get fury warrior buff will have their blood craze's healing set to the value that REGENERATOR gives for regeneration, except with less healing with less ranks
enemies with the rogue buff will not get vigor nor any talent that gives energy, and their sword specialization gives them bonus critical strike chance instead of an extra attack, and their sinister strike will be on a 6 second cooldown, and they won't get hemorrhage
enemies with the paladin buff will not know lay on hands
enemies with the protection paladin buff will not get reckoning
enemies with the retribution paladin buff will not get seal of command
spirit tap, remorseless strikes, and the likes of them will proc when the NPC kills any player or player's pet or minion or summoned creature, but not a totem
enemies in especially hot zones, such as ragefire chasm and tanaris(but not the barrens), will not get the frost enchanted nor frost mage buffs
enemies in cold zone(s), such as winterspring(but not naxxaramas), will not get the fire enchanted nor the fire mage buff
demonic sacrifice: voidwalker's hp regeneration value is set to that of RENGERATOR for NPCs
raid bosses that get the feral druid buff will forget about many, if not all, of their mechanics and such
enemies that get any class buff aside from mage, priest, or warlock, will be given an appropriate weapon and, depending on their spec, a shield
enemies with the feral druid buff hit harder with swipe based on the enemy's rank; expect that of a raid boss to hit hard, and expect feral charges against people who aren't that high on the aggro table
enemies with the shaman buff will not know windfury weapon nor windfury totem; furthermore each enemy will know only one air totem, one earth totem, one fire totem, and one water totem, all chosen at random; flametongue totem can be included, so watch out for that one with big enemy groups
the difficulty of ragefire chasm might be lowered... maybe

paladin priest, can tank by healing and takes 10% less spell damage; flash of light and holy light are immune to spell pushback, also gets power infusion, spirit of redemption, 10% more intellect, and 10% more mana; 17/31/0/32/23/0
paladin warlock: can heal to tank(with a risk of pushback), can tank REALLY good against physical damage with a champion voidwalker+MD+SL and demon armor, can banish, cast shadow ward, tab target siphon life, can also do notable damage at range, and can also start the pull with soulfire+searing pain or immolate; 19/31/0/21/31/0
warrior shaman: like a protection warrior, except he also gets shocks, stormstrike(might as well), rockbiter weapon, flurry, 5% more dodge, elemental warding, increased totem range, 3% more melee and spell hit, and healing spells with 70% pushback resistance; 10/0/31/11/31/19
warrior paladin: like a protection warrior, except he also gets consecration, healing spells with 70% pushback resistance, flurry, 10% more melee crit, bloodthirst, piercing howl, and seal of command... no improved heroic strike though; 10/31/31/14/0/16
shaman druid: a bear tank with 75% damage reduction from armor, even when sundered(to some extent); also gets elemental warding, 5% more dodge, can parry, has 5% more crit and 5/5 weapon mastery, has flurry, and has 3% more melee and spell hit... can also offheal if not wanted to tank; 8/30/13/11/35/5
shaman warlock: an offtank... is basically a shaman tank with shadow ward, demon armor, life tap and searing pain and dots and a champion voidwalker with MD+SL to achieve 70% melee damage reduction pretty easily, but isn't defense capped; 21/38/12/0/31/0
warrior warlock: like a protection warrior, except he can use shadow ward, demon armor, an MD+SL champion voidwalker, and gets (flurry+bloodthirst) or (unbridled wrath+siphon life+instant corruption), but only 4/5 tactical mastery either way... this is the best tank against physical damage; 9/31/31/0/31/0 or 9/10/31/21/31/0
warrior druid: either a bear tank with defensive stance, 75% damage reduction from armor, even when sundered(to a huge extent) who is also defense capped, can parry, and gets flurry, and gets either (impale+deep wounds) or (10 defense+10% more armor+5/5 defiance), or a protection warrior who can throw around rejuvenates and cast an innervate on someone; expect that guy to put out a lot of threat with either build; 5/31/15/11/35/5
warrior priest: a protection warrior with shadowform who takes 10% less spell damage and can cast shadow word: pain and renew himself before engaging... can also self-heal with 70% pushback resistance for aoe threat, and can cast mind blast, and gets impale+sweeping strikes; 21/5/31/0/11/33

paladin priest: priest who gets power infusion, spiritual healing, holy shock and 5/5 illumination and divine favor; can also opt to instead put out decent(for retail) holy damage... also gets lightwell; 34/0/0/36/32/0
ain't much else to list really

warrior paladin: a 2h fury warrior with healing spells and mortal strike, sweeping strikes, weapon specialization, seal of command, 10% more strength, 5/5 conviction, 3/3 vindication, 5/5 vengeance, and repentance; 32/34/0/5/0/31
paladin rogue: a ret paladin with stealth, repentance, hemo, ghostly strike s&d, eviscerate, rupture, improved sap, perparation, dirty deeds, cold blood, 10% more ap, premeditation, and seal fate+vigor; can also opt for dagger+shield with a somewhat different spec for pvp... is extremely dangerous in PvP either way; 5/0/31/35/0/31
warrior shaman: a 2h fury warrior with healing spells and mortal strike, sweeping strikes, weapon specialization, stormstrike, 5% more crit, shocks, and WINDFURY WEAPON and ranged damage spells... is extremely dangerous in pvp; 32/31/0/8/31/0
rogue shaman: a vigor+premed rogue with mail, a 2-handed weapon, flurry, 5% more crit, 4/5 precision, stormstrike, and WINDFURY WEAPON... is extremely dangerous in pvp; 31/9/31/0/31/0
shaman druid: a moonkin that deals 250% critical damage with wrath that has 5% more mana, 75% damage reduction from armor in moonkin form, and is immune to pushback while casting druid healing spells and gets nature's swiftness; 21/7/24/33/0/17
shaman warlock: a warlock that deals 250% critical damage with soulfire, immolate, conflagrate, and searing pain, and gets shocks, heals, mail+shield, 3% spell+melee hit, and has 1% more mana, and can cast ghost wolf and use totems; 21/1/14/0/31/35
shaman mage: a deep fire+deep frost mage that deals 200% critical damage with their fire spells THEN ignites them, and/or deals 250% critical damage with their frost spells... also wears mail with a shield, gets shocks, and can heal himself and use totems and cast ghost wolf, and can opt out of either deep fire or deep frost for arcane power and such... is extremely dangerous in pvp; 23/0/14/0/31/31
priest warlock: basically an MD+SL (fanatic imp)+ruin warlock with shadowform, shadow weaving, 10% more hit, improved vampiric embrace, SW:P, and he makes barely any threat, and can cast fade to boot... can break shadowform to cast healing spells, and can spam smite against shadow enchanted or magic resistant enemies... probably your best damage dealer considering threat; 10/0/32/0/31/29
mage warlock: basically a fire mage that hits harder, especially with soulfire, immolate, conflagration, and searing pain; can also cast life tap and gets MD+SL; 0/31/3/0/31/37
hunter rogue: melee hunters rejoice! you'd finally be useful in the endgame! a CB+premed rogue with a 2h weapon for hemos, surefooted(but not precision), improved gouge, 15% more agility, 3% more crit, wyvern sting, raptor strike, traps(finally a rogue with traps), a pet, and deterrence and etc.... does somewhat less dmg than other melee builds, but can also tranq shot and kite; 0/14/32/22/3/31

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