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Please do not redistribute this addon. Supply a link to the github page instead.

An addon designed to handle your guild's EPGP standings by storing the respective values in your Officer Notes. The addon also handles loot moderation which you must be the master looter to utilise.


For this addon to work, you must be able to at the very least view Officer Notes.

To adjust EP and GP values you must be able to edit Officer Notes.

The addon will require dedicated usage of your Officer Notes.

This addon will overwrite anything you manually put in your Officer Notes (except manual EPGP adjustments)


The addon is mostly GUI based and the frame is designed to only appear automatically on raid bosses from Molten Core, Onyxia's Lair and World Bosses all the way up to Naxxramas.


  • Using the GP formula (sourced from http://www.epgpweb.com/help/gearpoints), the addon automatically calculates an accurate GP value for each item that drops. (Disclaimer: The formula requires item level to be supplied and as such, only items that drop regularly in the raid environment will automatically calculate GP (e.g. epic items that can be found on a boss/trash mob loot table)).
  • Please note, the weights for each item slot have been adjusted from the standard formula (initially to suit my own guild's needs). I plan to add an option to modify these weights from the options menu in the near future.
  • The CEPGP window will automatically show when one of these items is found, however it can still be used for any item. You will however have to manually set the GP value yourself.
  • Allows loot masters to announce raid drops in an informative display to the raid and lets the raid members respond if they want the item. The addon compiles a list of responses into an easy to read table which can be viewed by the loot master and all raid assists.
  • From the response table, the loot master is able to distribute the item, awarding GP or giving it for free.
  • For each announced item, the loot master may override the default GP value for an item to suit the guild's needs.
  • The addon is highly customisable - You may set whether EP is auto awarded for each boss, and you can set how much EP is awarded. You also have the freedom to modify the GP formula to suit your guild's needs (disclaimer: Only the base coefficient and the tail modifier may be modifed. The general structure of the formula cannot be modified).
  • The addon supports "standby EP" - awarding a percentage (defined by you) of the standard EP which should be given to select guild ranks of the guild per boss kill who are sitting out of the raid.
  • The addon provides a decay function.


  • /cepgp show - Shows the CEPGP window
  • /cepgp debug - Enables debug mode
  • /cepgp setdefaultchannel - Changes the default reporting channel. This is set to Guild by default
  • /cepgp version - Allows you to check if each raid member is running the addon - and if so, what version of the addon they are using

Note: CEPGP is a context sensitive addon and elements will be visible when they are relevent

Any function that involves modifying EPGP standings requires you to be able to edit officer notes to have it available to you.

The following commands can be used to get EPGP reports.

The player you whisper must be able to at least view officer notes

  • /w player !info - Gets your current EPGP standings
  • /w player !infoguild - Gets your current EPGP standings and PR rank within your guild
  • /w player !inforaid - Gets your current EPGP standings and PR rank within the raid
  • /w player !infoclass - Gets your current EPGP standings and PR rank among your class within the raid


  • EP: Effort points. Points gained from what ever criteria.
  • GP: Gear points. Points gained from being awarded gear.
  • PR: Priority. Calculated as EP / GP.
  • Decay: Reduces the EP and GP of every guild member by a given percent.
  • Initial/Minimum GP: The GP that all new guild members start at. This also defines the minimum amount of GP any guild member can have.

IMPORTANT - The initial/minimum GP should NEVER be exactly 0.

  • Standby EP: EP awarded to guild members that are not in the raid.
  • Standby EP Percent: The percent of standard EP allocation should awarded to standby members.

To install:

  1. Download this addon
  2. Extract it to ../Interface/AddOns/
  3. Rename the extracted folder from CEPGP-master to CEPGP

Note: Automatic retrieval of a recipient's item they currently have in slot when they whisper you !need has been added. This is only possible if the loot master has the item that the recipient is wearing, in their game cache. This is a restriction enforced by the 1.12.1 API.

Patch Version: 1.12.1

Build Number: 5875

Author: Alumian

Edited by Alumian

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Version 1.5.0 Released

- Players are now able to set the slot weights in the GP formula

- Optimised the options menu, made it more space efficient

- Improved expression checking in Officer Notes


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Version 1.7.4 Released

Sorry for not keeping this thread up to date. Since version 1.5.0, the following has been added:

- Rewrote the loot distribution system

- Fixed several bugs contributing to poor detection of boss deaths / item detection

- Added permanent GP override function. Players can now specify a GP value permanently for a given item.

- Added functionality to import settings from other players (restricted to within your own guild)

- Added functionality to export current guild EPGP standings and import them

- Complete overhaul of the options menu

- Adjusted the size of some elements and the position of others

- Players can now check the addon version of their guild


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Version 1.8.0 Released

- CEPGP is now fully compatible with pfUI

- Significant improvements to items index and item detection

- General optimisations


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Version 1.9.1 Released

- CEPGP now has a log of all EPGP traffic within your guild (Note: This log is only capable of recording while you are online. Any EPGP traffic that occurs while you are offline will not be recorded)

- Optimisations to GP override function

- Optimised some UI elements for pfUI users

- General bug fixes

- Quality of life improvements


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Version 1.9.2 Released

- Fixed a bug with hooking into the loot frame

- CEPGP will now automatically hide itself if you stop looting (and you're currently viewing the loot distribution frame)


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