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Github Vanilla Addons

Atlas - an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed [Alt1] [Alt2]

ABreathBeneath - a "re-skin" of the Blizzard's nameplates [Img1]

Aero - Adds animations to frames

Ace2 - a lightweight and powerful system for building AddOns [Alt1]

Ace3 - Here is a list of comparison

ActionButtonUtils - provides functions to add a retail-like glowing effect to action bars which can be used by other addons

AutoShot - Automatically take screenshots

Aux - Overhaul auction house interface

AuxMerchantPrices - Adds merchant prices to tooltips

AdvancedTradeSkillWindow - replacement for Blizzards tradeskill window

AddOnOrganizer - This mod allows you to turn on and off, all of you'r current mods in you'r addon directory

agUnitFramesImproved - [Img1]

ArchiTotem - Totem bar and Timers for Vanilla WoW

Auctioneer - provides you with the tools and data necessary to make those difficult auctioning decisions with ease

AuctionLink - allows you to search for items in the AH by shift-clicking them

AutoProfit - Easy sell trash to vendor WoW addon

AutoMessage - Allows automatic sending of a message to a channel at an interval specified by a user

Automaton - Reduces interface tedium by doing the little things for you

AutoBar[Beta] - is a Multi-bar mod that automatically adds potions, water, food, quest and other items you specify into buttons for easy use

AttackBar - Player and Enemy Swing Timer addon


BattleShoutGlow - add a retail-like glow to battle shout as reminder

BananaBar - buttons to set raid symbols/huntersmark, target by symbol and many other features

BigWigs[Elysium] - Predict certain AI behaviour to improve the players performance [VG] [Nostalrius] [Nemesis] [Kronos] [Nefarian]

BetterAlign - creates a grid on your screen to aid you in aligning and centering your UI

BetterCharacterStats - More useful character statistics addon

BuffCounter - A simple Addon giving you a frame that shows you either how many buffs you can still get or many you have currently

BuffReminder - Reminds the player when buffs have or will soon expire [Img1] [Img2]

BonusScanner - Scans your equipment for cumulative bonuses like additional spell damage and sums them up

BlackList - is like Ignore, except unlimited

BlizzMo - will move any Blizzard Frame and all your Bags

BlizzardPlates - adds cast bars, class and rank icons, debuffs and health numbers on the default blizzard nameplates [Img1]

Boldi's addons - tweaks to boldi's addons [Alt1]

BuffHook[unfinished] - Addon which shows enemy buffs by hooking WoW API's UnitBuff(unitID, index) and adding buffs to it

CastModifier - allows you to use a small subset of the macro conditionals

CallToArms - Group Hosting, Finding Addon

Chronometer - tracks spell effects (HoTs, DoTs, buffs, debuffs, etc.) that you cast

Cartographer - is a modular, lightweight, and efficient framework for manipulation of the world map [Full Package]

ColorGuildFrame - Xperl functions for colouring the guild and who tabs

Cooline - cooldown mod that displays icons on a single bar/line to give you an idea of when it will be ready

CooldownTimers - scans your spellbook/inventory for skills/items that are in cooldown and add them to draggable bars

Clique - Simply powerful click-casting interface

ClassicMacros - Bringing retail macro commands to classic

ClassicSnowFall - Cast Abilities on KeyDown

ClassicMouseover - mouseover cast compatible with sRaidFrames

Classicaddons - Repository with a massive amount of AddOns

ClassPortraits - replaces 2D portraits with a class icon

CMap - is an attempt at making an AddOn similar to SexyMap

CEPGP - is an Effort/Gear reward system

CleanUpGUI - This addOn automatically stacks and sorts your items

CleanUP - This is the library version to be used with e.g. pfUI

CCWatch - Enemy CC & DR progress bars with icons

Chatsuey - A collection of chat enhancement addons [Read]

Crafty - Lightweight craft/tradeskill window

CDFrames - Cooldown timers for player, target and targettarget

ChatSanitizer - For a good clean chat experience

CustomNameplates - Nameplate addon [Alt1]

CensusPlus - records details about the characters online on your faction's side at the time of the polling

ChatEmote - Chat emoticon to Emote Addon

ChatLog - Gives you the ability to view or copy/paste any chat logs

CLog - API events logging [Alt1]

CloseUp - Allows you to zoom, reposition, and rotate the UI's built-in models so that you may get a better view

ChatFix - Fix for channels World, Trade, etc.

ChatBar - Button Bar for openning chat messages of each type [Alt1]

CallbackHandler-1.0 - a back-end utility library that makes it easy for a library to fire its events to interested parties

DankScore - a tool to choose the best items for your spec/gear

Dank-addon-pack - addon pack designed with a minimalist approach

DebuffTimers - Timer Overlays for enemy buffs and debuffs

DebuffListCheck - reporting to everyone using the addon which important debuffs are or are not applied

Distance - shows how far your target is away, based on the spell ranges your class has

DouseReminder - Prints a reminder to douse runes in Molten Core to officer chat

DoTimer - is a vastly sophisticated DoT tracking addon

DPSMate - combat analyzation tool

DruidManaBar - Displays a mana bar when shapeshifted

Decursive - Its job is to help a class that can remove debuffs

ExpandAssist - enabling the raid assist to do the same as an raid leader

ExoRaidSetup - allows a raid to share graphical representations of boss pulls [Maps]

EzPoison - Rogue Poison Helper

EasyCloak - Automagically equip Onyxia Scale Cloak when entering Nefarian's Lair

EasyRess - Simplifies chain ressing and drinking

EasyLoot - addon to simplify raid loot distribution

Egnar - Show a range indicator for hunters

EQCompare - Compare equipped inventory items against items in chatframe hyperlink and bags/bank

EQL3[Reskinned] - A reskinned Extended Quest Log addon inspired by TukUI [Img1]

EquipColor - colors unequippable items red in the inventory

EngBags - single bag / bank, the bank's remote viewing (auto-sorting, etc.) [Alt1]

Enemybars - Open pvp enemy frames/alerts

EnemyFrames - display enemy players on BGs

EnemyBuffTimers[OUTDATED] - debuff timers on the default target frame Behaves as it would in WoW 2.4.3 or 3.3.5 [Replacement]

EVTCalendar - Event Calendar AddOn

EavesDrop - A simple combat log that displays events

eUI - is a small collection of interface addons

ElkBuffBar - Tries to sort buffs into categories with pretty colors (Fails sometimes)

eePanels[Beta] - Create and modify background panels in your WoW UI

EPGPexport - Addon to manage your guilds Effort Point/Gear Point (EPGP) scores DPEPGP

FocusFrame - Provides focus targeting & frame support [Style1]

FelwoodGather - helps you and your team mate with felwood fruit gathering, location and timer management

FuBar_InstanceReset - Keep track of your instance resets

Gatherer - track the closest plants, deposits and treasure locations on you minimap [Alt1]

GamonKillTimer - never miss a gamon kill again!

Guildbank - AddOn for posting bags and bank items to forum (BBCODE)

Gourmet - selects suitable food / drinks for picky eaters

GroupCalendar - provides an in-game calendar for planning, signing up, and managing events

GetSpellInfo - An addon to help developers access information about spells

HonorSpy - collects all the honor/rank info on all players you met and shows it

HealComm - Visual representation of incoming heals

HealingAssignments - Make easy and fast Healing Assignments, post them in class-colors! [Fu]

HunterPaging - changes your action bar based on range

IgnoreMore - allows you to ignore more players than the default UI allows you to

IMBA - several unique functions for coordination raid, develop tactics and its display in visual form for all raid [Maps]

IMDead - Plays an audio file when you die and lvlup

ItemsOfPower - Item Stat Valuation Addon

KLHThreatMeter[17.35] - monitors and records your threat, and will list your threat in a table with other members of your party or raid [Fu] [Alt1]

KTMAutoHider - Automatically hides KLHThreatMeter if you are not in a raid or a party

KillLog - a GUI for browsing your Kill Log history

LilSparkysWorkshop - adds auction-derived pricing information for trade skills right into the trade skill recipe frame

LunaUnitFrames - [Img1]

Lazypig - This mod is mostly for lazy people [Alt1]

Linkmend - Converts CLINK links into regular ones and localizes and fixes regular ones if possible

LazySpell - auto healing spell rank scale for Clique and Classic Mouseover

LazyScript - very powerfull scripting tool [wiki]

LVBM - (La Vendetta Boss Mods) is a stand-alone boss mod for raid groups playing in the end-game content

LoseControl - makes it easy to see the duration of crowd control spells by displaying them in a dedicated icon onscreen [Alt1]

LootTracker - The primary purpose of this addon is track the loot that you and your party receive

LPM - Quickheal, SmartBuff, Zorlen and Lazypig/LPM (partially automated addons)

LanguageFilter - Filter chat messages by character range

LineageUI - A complete UI solution featuring a customized profile & release of pfUI [Img1]

Libs2 - Vanilla libs (most ACE2)

LibStub - meant to be a cross-community library sharing system

LibDBIcon-1.0 - a small library you can throw in your LDB addon that will create a small minimap icon

LibDataBroker-1.1 - a small WoW addon library designed to provide an MVC interface for use in various addons

LibCandyBar - A timer bars library

LibCompress - is a compression and decompression library

LibWaterfall - GUI Configuration Library

MapTarget - Click on red dots on the minimap to target them

Metamap - adds features to the world map

MobsToLevel - adds a small window that tells you how many more mobs you need to level up! [Alt1]

MobHealth - displays the current and maximum health of your target on top of the target frame

MobInfo2 - is a AddOn that provides you with useful additional information about Mobs (ie. opponents/monsters)

MikeScrollingBattleText - a replacement for Blizzard's Floating Combat Text and Damage output

MB-CA-icons - Addon to track when Mongoose Bite & Counterattack is usable

Modui - [Img1]

Modui-TallHealthBar - Adds taller player and target health bars to modui

Modui-ElitePlayerFrame - Adds elite dragon texture to player frame

modui-FocusFrame - Adds modui style changes to FocusFrame

MinimapButtonFrame - gathers up all of your minimap addon buttons and puts them into a movable frame

ModifiedPowerAuras - lets you customize graphics which can change or animate your screen to remind you do do certain things

MacroTT - Create tooltips for your macros

MacroExtender - allows you to create conditional statement macros that are found in WOW Expansion's TBC+ and more [Alt1]

MinimapButtonBag - cleans up your Minimap and relocates the buttons in a menu bar

MorunoRankEnhanced - addon for estimating PVP-Standings [Alt1]

ManyQTItemTooltips - [Img1] [Img2]

MCP - (Master Control Program) allows you to enable/disable addons while logged in the game

MapLibrary - Map info Library

NPCscan - automatically scans for characters by name and alerts you upon finding one

NotGrid - Raid Frames [Alt1]

NyaMap - Make your minimap sexy

Nauticus - transportation tracker [Fu]

Niagara - makes a list of all your Ace2 Addons that use AceConsole using Waterfall Lib so you have a GUI for config

OneButtonHunter - A very simple addon, executing the rotation of the hunter

oCB3 - (Otravi Casting Bar) Quartzlike castbar

oRA2 - a lightweight alternative for CTRaidAssist [Alt1] [Alt2]

Outfitter - is an equipment management addon which gives you fast access to multiple outfits [Fu]

Postal - An extension to the Blizzard mail interface

PfUI - full replacement for the original Wow interface in a single Addon [Img1]

Punschrulle - Castbar addon

PlayerStates - Macro Helper addon

Profession query - usefull addon for crafters selling their services!

Possessions - Inventory List Addon with Alt support

PicoPoisons - displays remaining poison charges on the respective buff symbols

Prat - Chat customization addon [Fu]

PriestBinds - Provides keybinds for priest abilities

Questie - the vanilla quest helper

QuickBind - Mouseover keybinds for action bars

QuickChat - allows you to assing Hotkeys to all your channels

QuestHaste - allows fast turn in of quests

QuestItem - stores an in-game database over quest items and tell you which quest they belong to

RageTracker - Shows an resizeable and movable rage bar

Rares - automatically scans for rares and alert you with two sound effects and two icons: one when found alive and one when found dead

RogueRota - A very simple addon, executing the rotation of the rogue

RecipeRadar - assists players in finding recipes

RingMenu - a circular ActionBar that can be summoned with a click

ReckCounter - a small frame showing stored strikes from the Paladin Reckoning talent

ReagentCounter - Displays reagent count on the spell's action button

ResourceCountActionButtons - Displays how often you can cast a spell before you run out of resources on the action buttons

RaidSummon - small RaidSummon frame [Alt1]

RogueFocus - Compact Combo/Energy/Tick display

RealLag - Attempts to give the Classic WoW client a more realistic lag display

RenewSpam - autocasts renew(rank1) on any raid member that doesn't have renew

SaySapped - Says "Sapped!" to alert those around you whenever a rogue saps you SaySapped[Extended]

SpamThrottle - addon to remove unwanted chat messages

sQMinimapFix - A quick fix to force a constant minimap zoom level across all zones, cities and instances [Alt1]

sRaidFramesImproved - [Img1] [Img2]

StealthOverlay - slowly dims your screen when you enter Stealth, and allows you to quickly notice that you have been kicked out of Stealth

StopWatch - a simple stopwatch that uses blizzards style

SpellPowerMulti - displays the current relevant damage multipliers on a target as well as the current total multiplier

SmallerRollFrames - replaces the default Roll-Frames with smaller ones

SmartLoot - is a unobtrusive group loot frames AddOn [Img1]

ShaguCollection - Small and Simple Addons for Vanilla [Read]

Shaguquest - Ingame Database Addon

ShamanFix - changes the shaman class colour to blue

Strategos - addon for enhanced Battleground experience

SimpleCombatLog - Pretty Print CombatLog AddOn

SUCCbag - addon to unify user inventory and bags

SUCC-ecb - enemy castbar

SunOfTheNight - addOn that tries to "backport" the Character Menu of Skyrim [Img1]

SuperMacro - provides a very much improved interface for macros [Alt1]

SuperIgnore - Unlimited ignore list with many extra features

SpartanUI - [Img1]

SilverDragon - tracks rares [Alt1]

Samuel - Static swing timer with 1 - 1.5 second Slam marker for warriors

SP_SwingTimer - Warrior Swing Timer

SP_Overpower - Shows an alert tooltip and timer bar on your screen when Overpower procs

SW Stats - (named after guild Shadow Warrior) is a damage/heal (and more) meter addon

SummonsMonitor - makes it easy for one or more Warlocks to summon multiple people

!Toggle - Disables toggling behavior of Attack, Auto Shot and Shoot

TinyTip - changes the look of your GameTooltip

TimeManager - Time Management features

TotemTimersEnhanced - keep's track of Shaman's Totems, how long they'll last and when their next Tick comes

TrinketMenu - a mod to make swapping trinkets easier

Talentsaver - save & load your common Talent Specs with just one click!

TriviaBot - allows the user to host quiz games for other players

TourGuide - is an interactive leveling guide addon [Alt1]

UberBanish - Informs the party/raid of how much time is left in your Banishes

UnitFramesImproved - [Img1]

VanillaGuide - An in-game leveling guide [Alt1]

Vanilla-Addons[LaYt] - vanilla addons (some fixed)

Vanilla addons A-Z [old]

VanillaHub - Vanilla WoW Addon manager

VCB - a highly customizable buff frame

VQueue - Group finder utility

VanillaStoryline - This addon aims to enhance the readability and immersion when questing

VanillaMaps - collection of detailed and clear maps, gathered from various sources

WarriorHUD - a HUD(Head-up-Display) created exclusively for Warriors [Alt1]

WebDKP Elysium - addon to help guild leaders manage their dkp

WIM - (WoW Instant Messenger) is a addon which brings an instant messenger feel to communication in game

WhoHas - Tooltip Addon showing item counts and other info

WhoFavorites - Store and Replay /who queries

WhoList_Fix - Fix the Who-List Display

WBLootDistributer - world boss loot distribution addon

Warmup - Measures addon loading times

WorldBossAlert - simplifies scouting for world bosses by checking the scout's combat log for crucial events

WowLua - is an in-game Lua scripting environment that includes an interactive Lua interpreter as well as a multi-page script editor

XLoot - Replaces the Loot Frame, adding more information and behavior/appearance options

YAHT - Yet another Hunter Timer

ZGLoot - automate looting in ZG, AQ 20 and AQ 40

ZGTracker - Tracks Zul'Gurub coins and bijous lootage

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