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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everybody! Some of my guildmates from nostalrius and I are from Spain and we are going to create a Spanish Alliance guild on the PvE realm. Our main goal is raiding, but first and foremost having fun, leveling, doing dungeons, etc. So, in a nutshell, enjoying WoW. If you are interested feel free to reply in this thread or PM me to keep in touch. Greetings! ------------------ Hola a todos! Algunos compañeros de Nostalrius y yo somos de España y vamos a crear una hermandad Alianza española en el reino PvE. Nuestro objetivo es raidear, pero ante todo divertirnos, levear, hacer mazmorras juntos, etc. básicamente disfrutar del WoW. Si estas interesado no dudes en en responder en este hilo o enviarme un PM para estar en contacto. Saludos!
  2. Does anyone knows where can I find the vanilla wow client? I know for sure it existed in vanilla because 1.12.2 was a crash fix for spanish client crash. But I have no idea where can I find it. Also, approximately when the server will support spanish? I have no problem with english, but my father (68) wants to play vanilla again, and in spanish
  3. Hi!

    Hello there! I'm a 32 years old girl and I'm from Spain. I'm another Nost refugee, but I've played WoW on retail since TBC, thanks to my boyfriend. I've tried several characters, but when I found my little human Shadow Priest, that's when I fell in love with the game. I know it's not really a great char to play on Vanilla, but... I think I'm rolling a SPriest again here. I promise I'll do my best with her! Oh, yeah, I forgot! I will be playing Alliance (duh!) on the PVE realm. I'll make sure to /wave and /dance with all of you Horde players I have great hopes on this server, so I'll stick around. See you all in Azeroth!
  4. Hello everyone, another Nostalrius refugee here! I'm 34 years old and I'm from Spain. I'm really hyped because I think Crestfall it's going to offer the high-quality, progressive vanilla server that I was looking for and found in Nostalrius until it was closed. Me and my girl played in retail at the time of Burning Crusade to WotLK transition until decided to quit, so we strongly hope that there is going to be a PVE realm like Nost, where we had a great time leveling and doing dungeons with our guild. It wasn't till then that we could enjoy (in our opinion) the best WoW experience for us. Surely many players (and old mates) will come if Crestfall fulfill the expectations, so I think there will be enough players to keep alive both PvP and PvE realms. We look forward to more news about the progress, and wanted to congratulate the dev team for this promising server. We hope we can set up a Spanish alliance guild in the PvE realm soon. Best regards. PS: Sorry if my English is not very good and I made any mistake . And, of course, we we'll be glad to help in anything you may need.