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  1. Players who experience client sided issues or don't know how to change their realmlist to play on Crestfall contact the staff daily. It is also known that some players play on multiple servers and look for a tool to switch between those easily while having a clean cache. Hence I release my batch based launcher, it is easy to use and open source. Advantages of this launcher: A simple .bat script hence you can read/edit the code No hidden malware, it is open source so everyone can confirm his part Choose between 3 servers Set various tweaks (e. g. automatic cache cleaning on startup or usage of OpenGL) Automatically fix client sided issues (e. g. instant disconnect after login) Do a semi-reset of the client if you experience unusual client behaviour Run client diagnostics to find possible issues Enable/disable custom MPQ files on demand Tiny filesize (12kb) Disadvantages of this launcher: It looks rather old fashioned It has no automatic updates It requires keyboard input Compatible expansions: Vanilla and TBC Compatible operation systems: Windows 2k/XP/Vista/7/8/10 Current version: v10c April 2018 (v1 started in June 2006) Download: http://forum.crestfall.online/uploads/LaunchWoW_CF_Vanilla_TBC_v10c.zip