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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, you probably don't know me. My name is Shagu and I'm in vanilla addon development since end of 2013. I'd like to introduce you a new project I'm working on for about half a year. For me, it's an educational project to learn as much as possible about Vanilla 1.12.1 Wow-API. The Addon aimes to be a full replacement for the original Wow interface. The design is highly inspired by TukUI and ElvUI (which I never used) as well as several other screenshots, I found around the web during the last 10 years. It's completely written from scratch without any inclusion of 3rd party addons or libraries. It's not an addon-pack like ShaguUI, which means that no external Addons will be included. There will be support for external addons like MobHealth3 and HealComm, but they won't shipped within the package. pfUI is still under heavy development so please report all bugs and errors in the Bugtracker. Feature-Requests might not be processed right now (but feel free to ask for it).Commands /pfui Open the configuration GUI /gm Open the ticket Dialog /rl Reload the whole UI Languages pfUI will support and contain language specific code for the following languages. - English (enUS) - French (frFR) [translators required] - German (deDE) - Chinese (zhCN) [translators required] - Russian (ruRU) [translators required]Screenshots Recommended Addons- DPSMate - HealComm - WIM - MobHealth3DownloadWebsite // Github // DownloadInstallation - Download from Github as Zip, unpack and rename the folder pfUI-master to pfUI. - Copy "pfUI" to Wow-Directory\Interface\AddOns - Make sure to have the file "Wow-Directory\Interface\AddOns\pfUI\pfUI.toc" - Restart WowFAQ- What does "pfUI" stand for? The term "pfui!" is german and simply stands for "pooh!", because I'm not a big fan of creating configuration UI's especially not via the Wow-API (you might have noticed that in ShaguUI). - How can I checkout the current state? See Installation Section. But be aware that things might not work for you. - When will it be ready? I have no idea and no timeline yet. I'm working on it whenever I have motivation. - Why do I get lots of LUA Errors? Please disable all addons beside pfUI and check if you still get error messages. If the messages are gone, check one addon after the other and report conflicting addons in the Bugtracker. - How can I donate? You can't. I'm doing that for fun. Enjoy! - How can I contribute? Report LUA-Errors and Issues in the Bugtracker. I hope you like it. If I forgot to mention something or you have any questions, feel free to ask. Cheers, Shagu