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Found 1 result

  1. EDIT: Elicas has manifested his divine law so this topic is now stickied (I moved the original post as a normal comment). Therefore short mission statement: This thread is for links to games that are free at the moment. That means: PRIMARILY: - Games temporarily on 100% sale/marked as free. - Giveaways (officially sponsored ones, like the recent one with Witcher on Ars Technica, no threads from reddit where one guy gives out a code he got with a videocard or something) - When posting, say how much time is left (at least roughly in days) so people can figure out if they still have time. SECONDARILY: - Games that previously were for money, but got republished for free (should be fairly rare occurence, afaik this happened only to Torchlight and the odd game from early 2000s) RESTRICTIONS: - Proper games. No farmville-style shit! - ABSOLUTELY NO P2W MMOs (god knows there's 7 million of those and all are the same). - No games merely on sale. Even if it's 99%. Unless it's something like Witcher 3 or unless @Elicas decides it's a good idea.