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Found 1 result

  1. So this is about the wonderfully named Twain Martin. I did a bit of research on this while lurking in the Discord channel (highly recommended) when Darkrasp mentioned the Martin Fury item. For those that do not know, Twain Martin was: Software Engineer Blizzard Entertainment January 1997 – June 2005 (8 years 6 months) One of the initial 8 members of the World Of Warcraft development team; saw the project through shipping and several patches Initially worked on the core database and game creation tools for the project Helped evolve and maintain the server architecture as well as client graphics One of two SQL DBA’s for the creation and architecture of the SQL databases Lead a team rewriting the visual effects, model, and animation systems; team was essential in WoW meeting its ship date. Implemented spawn, loot, items, dressing room and other game systems Lead a development team which created client/server support tools for the customer service department According to his wife Lisa Martin: His Name is Twain and was a programmer at Blizzard that worked over 90 Hrs a week during the making of WOW. The items were made with his kids Jade and Tisa to test Tools he had just made. They were also used for QA. He Now works at Obsidian Ent...... I know this because I am Twain Martin's wife. It is funny to read all the stories though.......No Doubt his heart and soul is in the game. This is him (allegedly) in old Outlands... So what makes Twain Martin so iconic is not unfortunately the countless hours he put into Vanilla WoW giving us the MMO we all love, but to an item named after him: Martin Fury.... This was an item intended for developers only to be used in testing content etc, and there the matter would have rested except one day.... On the US Vek'Nilash a player by the name of Leroyspeltz had his account hacked and sent in a GM ticket to get his equipment and items back. Most were returned including stuff from the guild vault. But he was still missing some toons which he assumed were transferred elsewhere. At a later date, he and his guild <The Marvel Family> had a loot issue, and while in dialogue about this, raised the continuing absence of these missing toons. Blizzard did indeed restore the toons plus some random items. In his L13 Warlock account however, he discovered Martin Fury.... The guild leader Karatechop figured the item was given intentionally, so the guild preceded to use the item 13 times to kill off bosses including a number of realm firsts and one-shotting their way through Uludar. Needless to say, this came as some surprise to rival guilds and an investigation was launched. There's a brilliant article write-up about in in Engaget here: Martin Fury Bad There's an interview with the player after he was permanently banned here So if you receive mysterious gifts in your mailbox at any time, particularly Martin Fury, I suggest you alert the GM's and hand them back....