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Found 10 results

  1. Hello. I am a new addon developer and my new addon EquipColor has been released. It colors the equipment that you can not equip on your character red in your inventory, bank and mailbox. For example, if you are a rogue all mail armor will appear as red, indicating that it can not be equipped. Equippable items and recipes that require your character to have a higher level are also colored red. Also, already known recipes appear as green colored. Here are some screenshots: This addon also works with the bag addons: Bagnon, OneBag, EngBags, AllInOneInventory and SUCC-Bag. This addon only works with the vanilla WoW English localization, although I want to port it to other localizations and WoW versions as well. The development of this addon is on hold as of June 5, 2017. If you want to help with the development of this addon, feel free to make pull requests on GitHub. You can find the addon here: https://github.com/SalviaSage/EquipColor --- How to Install? --- 1. Just click on "Clone or download" 2. click on "download as zip" 3. Extract the file and rename the folder to EquipColor 4. Put the folder \Interface\AddOns directory in your WoW directory. Thanks for downloading. Please leave comments here regarding what kind of changes to the addon you would like to see. See you.
  2. Well, nothing much to say. This may help those "testing" fishing skillups. All skillups are recorded in yar saved variables...yes I didn't add an in-game window for those, live with it Reports any eventual bug and I may try to fix it. rottenFish.7z
  3. Hello, dear friends. I'm looking for addon which would measure the spellcrit chance. I play on MaNGOS server and I want to make mage/warlock/priest twink 19 lvl. And I don't know how much int will give me the chance of spell crit. I'm found only this: "Mages have a 0.2% base spell crit rate, and 1% crit per 59.5 int" but it is for 60 levels. So I want to make my own research. I can do it by manual counting, but I want to avoid mistakes of human factor. So, there's a question: If there are any addons that count the number of spells cast and the number of crits made (with reset function)? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I would like to introduce you to my AddOn 'CastModifier', which allows you to use Conditionals inside your /cast macros. This allows you to write some fairly advanced macros in a very compact manner, without the need to learn Lua! Here are some examples: A list of every available Conditional, including its parameters, extra remarks, and a how-to-install tutorial can be found on the AddOn's Github page. Github Page While I've been using this AddOn for almost a year now, it might still be somewhat buggy since I'm pretty much the only person that has used it so far. Therefore I'd greatly appreciate any feedback from you guys. Also, I would be very grateful for any ideas for additional features that may improve this AddOn even further! Cheers, Ike
  5. Backport of UnitFramesImproved to Vanilla with some minor changes like option for dark mode and class portraits. Now with automatic detection and compatibility if modUI is activated. MobHealth3 is now embedded into the addon! Dont forget to remove "-master" at the end of the filename when you add it to your interface folder. https://github.com/Ko0z/UnitFramesImproved_Vanilla COMMANDS: /ufi to see options. With modUI compatiblility: This addon is in beta and I would appreciate if you report any bugs you might find in the "Issues" section at Github
  6. Hey guys, let me intruduce me my newest addon: EzPoison. I made this for a friend and wanto to share it with you. It might be handy for rogues EzPoison What does it do? EzPoison allows you to assign poisons on your Main- and Offhand. It will show you if the poison is applied on the weapon and will reapply it on click, over macro or by keybinds. Features - uses automatically the highest rank of poison in your bag - 7 edditable profiles for all kind of situations - spamable keybind/macro to apply the assigned poisons - compatible with fubar - shows number of poisons in your bag - shows charges in original buff frame Macros /ezpoison - to show/hide the window /ezpoison apply - reapply the assigned poisons /ezpoison profile [number] - set a profile /ezpoison scale - set the window scaling (between 0.5 and 2) Known Bugs - if you edit a profile name: restart or reload is req. to see the new name in the dropdown Media Download https://github.com/Voidmenull/EzPoison Pls report bugs or your suggestions in this thread
  7. Greetings, quite a while ago, a good friend of mine asked me to create an Addon that looks and feels similar to XLootGroup because the default roll frames were too big for him. This is what I've come up with and I'd like to share it with you too! Screenshot: You can drag the bottom most frame around (the others are "glued" to it) by typing "/smrf toggle move" in chat. As always, you can find an up-to-date version of the Addon on my Github page: To Github Feel free to send me your feedback! Cheers, Ike
  8. Hello. For me, this addon called "ActionBarProfiles" is giving an error. The error is not caused by other addons because I ran it alone, it still gave the error. There are also no problems with the addon functioning. It works normally. Here is the error: [string "compat.lua"]20: bad argument #1 to 'rad' (number expected, got nil) I would like some other people to test this addon to see if they also get this error on WoW 1.12 and come up with a fix, if possible. I think the error is related to the minimap button, because the author took that part of the code from the Atlas addon instead of writing it himself. Here is the link to the addon page http://www.wow-one.com/forum/topic/89120-actionbarprofiles-save-and-load-your-action-bar-layouts/
  9. This is an addon i made for fun It allows you to see the distance you ran with your character. You can see also the current speed of your chracter. These informations are updated 1 time per second and are only estimations - its not 100% correct how does it look like: how to use: /dist - for distance /speed - for speed /dist reset - to reset the distance where to download: https://github.com/Voidmenull/Distance where to report bugs: here! with screenshot pls
  10. Basically as the title suggests, I am looking for an addon that tells me the amount of time on debuffs for the target. More specifically, I'd like the time to be on the debuff, like in retail. I know there are addons like NaturEnemyCastBar and DoTimer, but an addon that had the time/some way to tell me which debuffs were mine would be great. Nothing worse than putting up a SW:P with another Spriest in your raid, and then only 1 SW:P remains and you don't know if it's yours or the other guys. I don't even know if this kind of addon is possible within the Vanilla client, but if anyone knows of any similar addons to DoTimer I'd be very interested! Thanks y'all!