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  1. Better yet, they could just dump the pointless PVE server and make 2 PVP servers, that way we can all be happy. It would also stop the divide. Fvck you carebears
  2. I can use my Samsung s7 to play WoW and fish; but I can't right click to retrieve fish!!! Everytime I right click, it closes my Google Chrome Remote Desktop. Anyone know how to fix this?
  3. Every expansion would of been amazing if they didn't ruin it, by making you level 5 to 10 more times, for each new expansion. I'd rather have all classes maxed out to 60 on each faction and fully geared with t3, than to have a single maxed out 110 toon.
  4. Thanks everyone for all the tips and advice. I think my first problem was downloading the big addon pack. Duzizly, thanks for all the detail, it helps a lot.
  5. I found a UI guide in "Show off your UI" post. I'll check it out, but any more help would be much appreciated.
  6. I don't know how people get their UI's, looking so clean and clutter free. I have downloaded these addons and can never get it the way I really want it. Does anyone have a good video guide or tutorial I could use as a reference. I have looked this up on youtube and google'ed, it a bunch; but all I seem to find, is how to DL addons and maybe a small tutorial on how use them. I'm pretty much looking for a guide, that can show me how to minimalize my UI. I just want Character Portrait, Map, and spells. Not much else and maybe some other things to access, but doesn't clutter my screen. All I seem to do, is just fuck it all up. By adding a bunch of addons, that I don't know how to use. I feel like a dipshit for asking this and probably sound impatient, but I'm having trouble figuring this out. Please someone help me out? I don't want to learn trial by error on this sort of thing. People just seem to say "DL this UI addon and easily change the UI your way!", but it's not that easy. ? When you already know how to use like 15 addons and find a new one to DL. It's easy to pick up and learn; but for someone like me. I barely know how to use like 3 of the addons I have, so I have to learn like 15 addons all at once. It's a lot to learn and retain. I know I can do it. I just fucking can't seem to get anywhere. Spinning my tires on this and actually said fuck it and just played the game how it looks, for a while and now I'm back with passion, to make it happen. I want to change it and make it look more appealing to my point of view. I'm just tired of the old vanilla wow UI. Going back to the UI addon posts for now. Thanks for reading
  7. I would totally level with you, but I can't play 24/7. I wish more people would level together. I would love to level with 4 other people and make a sweet leveling party out of it. It's all about the journey.
  8. The new warcraft movie should of been all CGI; mixing real life people and CGI Orcs, looks corny as hell. Also more war and less "I got my stupid Orc girlfriend pregnant story". 2/5 stars. Movie honestly made no sense or I was just super stoned.
  9. What do you mean Nostalrius limited the dungeon experience? We already don't make that much experience from killing mobs in dungeons.
  10. Stupid shit post
  11. Thanks! This really is such a clean UI, this is exactly what I have been looking for. All the other UI's seem to be out of touch, from the theme or style of the graphics and this modUI is just right. Uuuhhhh sauce(^O^)
  12. Hey Simonich, are you still rolling Warrior? I might roll druid or priest, to keep you healed.
  13. This was the Discord pack from Vanilla-addons.com. Yes! Sorry for the late reply, I was at work.
  14. Thank you so much Roadblock! Discord is finally working! Hopefully this Discord addon, helps me get my UI looking the way I want it. (^O^)
  15. Interface\AddOns\DiscordArt\DART_Main.lua:603: unexpected symbol near `#' I'm getting this error in red, when I'm logged into my toon and I can't turn it off. I changed the ## Interface; 11200