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  1. Noticing a lot of game errors (Access violation) whenever logging into a different character. Anyone else facing this problem? No new addons, just the regulars I've been using for yrs. This application has encountered a critical error: ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception Program: C:\WoW Vanilla\WoW.exe Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 0023:007A2452 The instruction at "0x007A2452" referenced memory at "0x0C347FE8". The memory could not be "read".
  2. @Syn @shagu To make a clarification about adding fonts, you have to edit this specific line in modules/gui.lua under "Global" comment. Source https://github.com/shagu/pfUI/blob/master/modules/gui.lua#L662 local values = { "arial", "homespun", "diediedie" } If you did not update your pfUI, it would've been a different line, like 600 in the previous version. (Just search the above code, if you don't have Notepad++) To make it more simple, here are the steps: Copy your custom fonts .tff files into pfUI/fonts folder Edit line 662 of pfUI/modules/gui.lua and add your font file names. Example line 662 after adding fonts: local values = { "arial", "homespun", "diediedie", "friz", "morph", "skurri" } That's it. PS. @shagu Noticed an issue with updating pfUI to the latest version. FPS dropped down to 1 with an avg increasing memory rate of 400-500 KiB/s. Had to delete pfUI WTF settings in order to fix the issue.
  3. OT: Yea that video is retail. I could tell the moment QS procced on the tank. (4:16) The animation has never worked on any private server I've seen. I leveled a Warlock alt in TBC retail. The pet never followed you as rigidly as the demo shows.
  4. First Death Knight audio effect + "You will show the proper respect!"
  5. Finally got to trying out the addon. Really impressive work! Feedback: Default values are extremely unfriendly for new players, especially those that do not tinker with addons until later on. (General Tab) Fontsize: 10 (15) (Appearance Tab) Bags Bordersize: -1 (+2) (Action Bar) Button Size: 18 (25) Original - 1920x1080 With altered font, button and bag sizes:- Additionally bag bordersizes is missing border coloring when set to +1, is this intentional? Since I personally want minimum bordersize that shows item quality color. Bordersize: -1 Bordersize: 0. Icons are all attached, since there is no border. Bordersize: +1 (Missing border colors) Bordersize: +2 I tried 1.5, still no border color. Anyways, good stuff, thanks!
  6. With a different Rage gen esp from damage taken, you won't be able to afford WW. Control+F "Cleave" ... GASP! Seriously. Though yea, I reckon it will only be good if you have a lot of rage with the fixed rage calculation. With the incorrect version, you could Cleave for days while Sunder/Rev/Shield Slam rotating among mobs. Also with fixed formula, you might as well remove Conc. Blow from your action bar folks. There will be a lot of tears if you waste rage on that. And yea, I expect Taunt to be more actively used in the rotation for multiple mobs. "Ranged Pull" bit in the OP I agree with yea. Most likely in 5/10/20 mans, you can just Charge in and Thunder Clap than swap to defensive. If you can squeeze in a Berserker Rage before the Charge between pulls, that's great. I highly recommend Oil of Immolation, Thorium Grenade (engi), Crystal Spire, Skullflame/Force Reactive disk for high aoe threat. I personally use Force Reactive for high AoE tps situations, but Skullflame just for consistent AoE threat for 4-5+ mobs when needed. If you're boss you can have 3-4 Force Reactive Disks and constantly swap them after each breaks. I probably should do this, but I am lazy. Ooooorrrr you could just be lazy and get one of these bad boys:
  7. ITT: Crestfall 2030 wishes.
  8. @Nocturn sums it up well in my opinion. Hell, I recall even CF devs had this philosophy but they went back on it and decided scripting them better and to tune them a bit will be enough. I personally was disappointed by that, as we already know scripting an encounter especially in MC and BWL will not make them harder, especially with boss timer addons. I understand why CF devs decided to renege and go back to a more "blizzlike" philosophy to keep the masses from labeling the CF as a fun server. It is my understanding, that the great fear of the CF staff & community that the server will have this reputation. I think they fail to understand that what makes a "fun server" is custom changes that makes things easier. Eg. instant 60, custom xp/gold/rep/item rates, or even cheaper respecs. For my addition to Nocturn's comprehensive comment is that the Crestfall project could be labelled and marketed as something else while and trying to capture the original vanilla experience in terms of scripting, and @Darkrasp already knows what I will say, and that is a Hard realm. More difficult (to a degree, not to mythic level bullshit) endgame content with smartly tuned encounters (timers/increased frequency with the same abilities) while retaining the same experience for each encounter. This philosophy could be applied a little bit to 5-10 mans which have become easier due to the aforementioned 1.12 talents/spells. Molten Core was an entry realm instance, it was still considered an achievement for an average guild to kill Ragnaros in 2006 when AQ/Naxx was out. Now PUGs can do it in 70-100 minutes average without voice comm. Nost/Elysium releasing soon is an opportunity for Crestfall to do something unique and make a mark in Vanilla legacy history. Continuing down the formulaic road of being better scripted and slightly harder to make up for 1.12 talents/spells is absolutely not going to do that for this project. Further ideas for marketing this realm; Hard/Hardcore/Hardmode(HM)/Original/Difficult (Anything but Nightmare/Mythic/Heroic) Edt: To give you a glimpse of the experience I mean (this was Nost, Uldaman, our last try after a few attempts. They tuned it hard by mistake I think and was later tuned down) Multiple tries, pop errything Tank dead, everybody oom/low hp, improvised strat to kill boss
  9. Haters gon' hate. You needed this explained? Lots are gonna play both, so they don't go defend one or the other.
  10. Oh man. Remember all the begging for an update from the Feenix admins? Getting nothing at all, but bare crumbs if anything, reducing cap of the server to save costs .... forcing 2k queues (~2hrs) unless you had paid a queue skip fee from 1.5 yrs before which was no longer available but still active. Than when we finally got an announcement: "Oh btw, p2w shop too". Good times. /shudder Some of us also waited on Nost from launch, with their delayed BWL and war effort. Alright @Darkrasp. Say the population at launch is not hitting the cap, but after the primary PvP server has aged for a time it suddenly gains a lot of audience and hits the population cap. (Example pop/time: 3k at launch and than 6k after 7-8 months). What will you guys do? Similar issue has happened already to one project (Kronos). The fresh blood of new members join the newer server so the players are closer together in terms of gear/gold/progression/so on. There is also the case where the community from inside and out (reddit and so on) will recommend CFG PVP Server #2 over Kul'Tiras due to the aforementioned "better" experience. In the end, the older server lacks population (atm unofficial spreadsheet of k1 shows to be ~50% or lower than k2) An argument can be made that due to the TBC first reaching PvP server #1, it will get more fresh blood at the expansion. That kind of opens a new can of worms. Eg. what if 5k+ people want to play Crestfall TBC only so they join only at the expansion announcement, what then? A new TBC realm? My main question is about the older server (at Vanilla stage) becoming less popular because majority of the newer folks will want a more "fresh" experience if a newer one is launched mid-life of the older server, and is also recommended by the community as I've observed.
  11. First assumption like @Darkrasp says is that we are assuming Nostalrius will return in some form. (Whether a merge with another project or whatever) We are additionally assuming there is no Legacy server announcement from Blizzard before Crestfall launches. Second we are assuming the date Crestfall will launch will be a head to head challenge with the then most popular server, Nostalrius. We are additionally assuming Crestfall's quality test from the open beta will be successful, which I have no doubt by the end of which it will be a Gen III private server as @Roadblock puts it. Crestfall also has an element of crowd-sourcing the data digging process which Nost did not have, this I think will be highly effective in open beta for tweaks. Point one Speculation, we have no idea. Planning time investment one way or another is going to make zero difference until an announcement is made. Point two This we can break down into interesting possibilities. Assumption: Nostalrius currently has the largest portion of the playerbase. What state are the servers in? High population problems: excess lag/difficulty farming herbs - server instability during peak hours - rollbacks causing item/xp loss - high non-EN speaking pop with massive language disparity - gold inflation/economy corruption over time - PvP ranking bracket caps being too high or abuse of honor gain through dodging or whatever, pugs fighting premades all the time. Some of the issues that may cause frustration among the player base after a certain threshold of the above. Which Patch have they reached at Crestfall's launch? Post-AQ40 on the original servers? Post-BWL on new servers? New players/disgruntled or bored old players might want a new start else where. Crestfall's marketing and state of the beta. Promotional media that showcases the difference between Crestfall and other private servers. The showcases have to indicate a clear disparity between Crestfall's experience than any other server before - to strike a cord with players to invest away from a known high player base monopoly. How's the state of the beta? Promises from hype videos are great, but did they deliver? There's also the whole TBC scene that might be unleashed with Atlantiss, Gummy's and Ares. As we know, there was like 20k people trying to log PTBC after Nost died. So the demand is there for a TBC server in the private server community. Again, speculation on whether it will be a head-to-head with Crestfall.
  12. guide

    Cleave and HS figures are definitely an educated guess. Especially with the lack of data/info for these 2 skills. Considering Kenco got a range of different bonus threat numbers on ktm/omen as well. Though my first guess with HS was pretty good comparing the bonus damage:threat ratios, apart from rank 1 and 2. I don't think it's game breaking to have early HS generating high threat, especially with accurate Battle Shout threat gen and proper rage formula, but that's my opinion. Like you said. It's a matter of balance, between the estimated damage from players vs. tank threat generation in low level content. Unless something feels completely off in beta, I don't think it is worth the dev time to hunt down the balancing of threat of these skills at low levels.
  13. You'll just have to wait for open beta to confirm and report class bugs with sources or apply for closed beta to test the Shaman class - whenever that's available.
  14. guide

    Alright. I did a lot of digging for Sunder Armor lower ranks. It appears all the vanilla guides suggest Rank 5 generating 260 threat points per debuff, including Kenco through KTM. Rank 6 (TBC) sources all report either 300 or 301 per applied debuff. From there we can try to reverse engineer the formula as the discussion I found below talks about. Threat scaling through ranks. It can be theorized that the threat for sunder armour, no matter ranks, is ~0.58 per armour reduced. You can check this with an easy test: Rank 6: 520 armour reduced, 301 threat. [301 / 520 = 0.57884615385] which is ~0.58. Rank 5: 450 armour reduced, 261 threat. [261 / 450 = 0.58]. So, the following ranks should be: Rank 4: 360 armour reduced. [360 * 0.58 = 208.8] Around 208-210 threat. Rank 3: 270 armour reduced. [270 * 0.58 = 156.6] Around 155-157 threat. Rank 2: 180 armour reduced. [180 * 0.58 = 104.4] Around 103-104 threat. Rank 1: 90 armour reduced. [90 * 0.58 = 52.2] Around 52 threat. Utarius 2:30, 17 August 2007 (CEST) Van: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Kenco's_research_on_threat TBC: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Talk:Sunder_Armor TBC: http://web.archive.org/web/20130511030120/http://elitistjerks.com/f31/t9258-kenco_guide_threat/ TBC: http://web.archive.org/web/20080725081934/http://www.theoryspot.com/forums/theory-articles-guides/31941-fortifications-warrior-reference-guide.html One thing I believe we need to avoid is low level "Battle Shout" private server tanking. Any experienced tank leveling on private server will have noticed this anomaly. Rank 6 Battle Shout generates 55 threat at max level per person. Useful for P1 Nefarian adds initial aggro if you are using the tactic of stacking all on one side. Say servers lower the threat down by an arbitrary number. Eg. Rank 2 (attained at lvl 12) generates 8 threat per person (1/7th of max rank). That's 40 threat per person on a single target mob at the cost of 10 rage (BS). Threat per rage = 4. While your first rank Sunder Armor as we theorized above does 52 threat at 15 rage. Threat per rage = 3.46. Not to mention if you pull 2 or 3 mobs, you're evenly splitting that threat between all the mobs. So you're getting even more out of Battle Shout. It's a strange anomaly and difficult to feel out. Anyway a source on Battle Shout threat for lower ranks is nearly impossible to find, as the sources for threat testing max level rank is rare enough in Vanilla. From my experience, other projects have either have been generating too low threat on lower rank Sunder Armor, or generating too high threat per member on Battle Shout for the correlating rank available for that player level. Both skills rank up nearly at the same level range if you compare. NA | Rank 1 Battle Shout - Level 4 Rank 1 Sunder Armor - Level 10 | Rank 2 Battle Shout - Level 12 Rank 2 Sunder Armor - Level 22 | Rank 3 Battle Shout - Level 22 Rank 3 Sunder Armor - Level 34 | Rank 4 Battle Shout - Level 32 Rank 4 Sunder Armor - Level 46 | Rank 5 Battle Shout - Level 42 Rank 5 Sunder Armor - Level 58 | Rank 6 Battle Shout - Level 52 NA | Rank 7 Battle Shout - Level 60 Something to balance out, to ensure Threat Per Rage is higher on the Sunder Armor rank than Battle Shout rank for the equivalent low level player. Edit: Thought about it a little more. If we use max level tanking as a model, BS rank 6 does 411 total threat if all members are within 20 yards, on a single target mob. SA rank 5 meanwhile does 388 (after Warrior stance/talent modifiers), quite equivalent actually. Lower level combat inherently allows for party members to be close to each other thereby creating a more responsive Battle Shout threat than perhaps Sunder does. Interesting thought. Max level tanking seems to be different, as Battle Shout is only used for initial aggro on group pulls. This rage formula is going to force people - tanks and DPS - to play differently, making tanking a lot more distinctive (and budgeted) than other servers. As for lower ranks, a derivative approach based on max rank skill threat values should work. For example; Tier 1 - Max rank Shield Slam/Shield Bash/Revenge/Sunder/Battle Shout/Demo than Tier 2 should be the rank below that available, work downwards with the same spell priority being checked using Sunder Armor as a base or another spell with a more accurate reference.
  15. Warrior leveling is all about having a good audiobook series. I highly recommend Stormlight Archive for your Crestfall adventures. On a little more relevant note, don't use 1 spec to level. Change specs in your mid 40's. First respec is 10s? Or 1g? Either way, affordable at that level. Anyway here is my survival guide to leveling a warrior to 60 in vanilla. (I leveled 6 Warriors in the past 3 years from 1-60!) List of goals to aim for while speccing: (Srsly get an audiobook, you don't want to show up at your first raid as an insane person, bad first impression to the guild and all) All these mobs dodgin' mah shi, if only I had something to make the most of it! Get imp. overpower and imp. charge by level 21 cuz you're still sane at this stage and can think properly, sort of. (2/5 TM for Intercepts soon) Hmm, all these overpower crits, if only I had something to boost the critical damage by a fifth... Get Impale yo. Your talent spec at level 26 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LhGbbhb (3/3 Imp HS or 3/5 Parry, hardly matters, upto you) Still haven't rerolled hunter? Your audiobook is getting to the good part eh? Too bad, welcome to STV. Get your 5/5 TM on baby. Your talent spec at level 30 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LhGxbhbo Next step get 5/5 Axe for WW Axe. Level 35 now. This part is based on preference. However, if you are on the PvP server get 3/3 Imp Hamstring. No need to thank me later, I take cheques. GG level 40. Don't have gold for the mount? What are you? A peasant? Go farm Elemental Earths/Gorillas man... Your talent spec at level 40 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LhGxbuio0u Mid-life crisis? Can't find a good 2H mid-40s? Got nothing but 1Hs in ZF? Ahead of the leveling curve and lacking decent opposite faction peeps around you? Your Fury talent spec at level 45 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LbhZVVzmLxoVo (2H spec is for the weak! You da man) Blink. Blink. Looks around. Corpses everywhere. What? Man that Fury spec Walgrave suggested is some genocidal, anti-genova convention level shit. Your talent spec at level 57 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LbGhbhbZVVzmLxoVo Gz on 60 bruv. Some more tips to leveling:- Don't gather/level anything but skinning/first aid, you want to stay ahead of the leveling curve from the initial launch. Do as little travelling as possible. Use whatever guides/routes necessary to minimize travelling. You should be killin' n dingin'. Avoid packed areas of questing especially in contested areas, look for your quest mobs in the area of least PvP resistance.