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  1. lol
  2. Very unlikely. If we analyze the recently released servers and their population, they all manage to get high peaks early but fail to keep the population over a longer period mainly because they have released too early and have not done the core work that is necessary for a healthy release (Unless they get shutdown for other reasons). It is also a reason why we strive to make things as perfect as we can because if you fail the release, you do not really get a second chance to hype it up.
  3. Indeed Sitten kun on valmista. Jokanen tollanen paska draama vie aina aikaa myös kehittämiseltä ja niin kävi myös tässäkin tapauksessa.. Kyl se sieltä aikanaan tulee, oon mäkin tässä kelkassa kohta 10 vuotta ollut kyydissä, enkä aattellut turhaa olla
  4. Inari is just a wannabe, otherwise correct.
  5. The point of emulation has always been to minimize the non-working stuff and strive to be better than what is currently available. If people would have been with your mindset when Emerald Dream was still big, servers like Nostalrius would have not panned out like they did. It's like my hockey coach used to tell me: Development ends at complacency.
  6. Embrace it
  7. Just popping in to say oispa kaljaa.
  8. I dont know about any "shady" practices, since Elysium business is not my business. However, our staff is my business and only Elysium staff member that we have in our staff discord channel is Shenna. If you fail to see beyond the short term regarding the LGN, then I suggest you just drop the whole topic entirely instead of spreading misinformation and discontent on our otherwise nice CF community.
  9. No transfers from Ely to CF. Our realm sizes will stay the same as planned before, what MIGHT change is the amount of them.
  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! *edit Damn 20 hours early
  11. Just say online dating sites?
  12. I agree on realm choice, not on faction. Someday I will find @Outstanding with his PvP tag on and make the end of him.