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  1. Tried it. Doesn't work on retail - it's probably pre-cata guide.
  2. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-11-04-wow-classic-blizzard-answers-some-of-the-big-questions We've got some infrastructure stuff in place. We've got an old build that's up and running that we're using for reference. Most of this job is going to be infrastructure: making sure everything can work on a more modern setup. Modern ; (
  3. I'm 99% sure that Blizzard Activision will screw it up. I'm 99% sure it will be not "true vanilla experience".
  4. Level 1 is way better then the other level of this spell: -While leveling with imp. drain soul talent You focus on mana regen (there is also a good macro that destroys soulshards if you got too much of them). -Lvl 1 of this spell costs less mana than higher levels and the damage doesn't really increase that much (the DoT damage or other spels is enough). -Same as leveling as endgame content (dungeons/raids) you will be using lvl 1 drainsoul (just for shards) while mob's hitpoints will be equal or less to 1-5%.
  5. Played recently on Felmyst...
  6. I miss good old NWN1 multiplayer. This post made me nostalgic cry. Thanks Aq.
  7. Because of too many P-servers played I don't know anymore how it used to work back in retail vanilla/tbc. Please tell me: 1. VANILLA a) what skill level of [x/300] enchanting is required to disenchant highlevel gear? Do I just need 1/300 on my alt or... b) can other player disenchant yours soulbounded and not-souldbonded items via trade? 2. same two questsions for later expansions (tbc/wotlk) thanks in advance
  8. Can we get Naxx update for SNES?
  9. 12. And here comes Rammstein song.
  10. You need to add "Block934" in reallist.wtf. Worked for me.
  11. Lightforged blade, Ice barbed spear, unstopable fore will be not avaible on server start. Smite's hammer, corpsemaker, rockpunder have random drop 20-40% so please tell me what's the point of wating time to farm them. Arcanite reapeater costs A LOT - you will never have that amount of money at lvl 58. Also switching between axes/swords/maces is another waste of time (farming weapon skill). Protip mr "old Paladin" - wait for nerfed items list before posting this.
  12. I ate all my popcorn on latest GoT episode, damn.