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  1. Yes, well, for you and others that would prefer to err on the safe side of redundantly storing a copy of the forums rather than risk the chance of losing its content, allow me to step in and draw your attention to this topic where I shared a convenient little program that can do just that.
  2. As most of you already know by now, Crogge (the sysadmin) has been removed from the team. Therefore, these forums will potentially be closed down: Since I find this site an excellent resource, and the staff unfortunately can't make any promises on archiving and restoring it, I took the liberty of saving an offline copy (~2.5 GB) using a program called 'HTTrack Website Copier' (you could probably use it on the Wayback Machine archive too). It converts all the links to be locally accessed so you can still browse a site (as it was at the time of your latest backup) after it goes down, or if you simply want to browse a working site at a time when you are not connected to the internet. I will continuously be updating my personal backup, but in case anyone is interested and the staff condones it, I'll gladly edit this post to share my latest update with all of you. Of course you can also DIY; the program is quite easy to use and there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.
  3. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Tauren_(playable) Mounts Edit Because of their size, tauren used to have the most restricted selection of mounts of any race. Among the racial mount vendors, the tauren could only use the their own kodo and the orc's dire wolf. From the racial PvP mounts, they could also select the troll's raptor. Mounts beyond these must be hardier, because the ones available to the Horde can all bear a tauren. Oddly, the tauren had no restrictions on flying mounts. These restrictions were lifted in patch 3.0.8. Fun fact: way back in the beta, Tauren did not have mounts, but instead had a racial skill called 'Plainsrunning', which was basically an awful alpha version of the Worgen 'Running Wild', which Cataclysm gave birth to. It was removed in patch 1.1 due to issues, which included: Blizzard's solution to these problems? These beauties:
  4. Since the merger with Elysium has been undone and the CF team will be looking for a way to fund new hosting for their beta realm and data repositories (perhaps not now, but certainly when the time comes to scale up their operations for public use), Algothore's offer might have regained some relevancy. Just to be clear: I'm not referring to his suggestion to rush open beta, since that's not to the benefit of the team's plans and enjoyment, the quality of their core and our in-game experience as prospective players. Of course we can't be sure at this point if Algothore is being truthful, but his motivation seems genuine. From my limited perspective, I don't see what CF has to lose in looking into the possibility, as long as it's clear to him that his donations don't grant him any say in how the project is run. We need to take into account what Darkrasp said regarding financing: However, Darkrasp also said: Considering this, @Asura, @Darkrasp and Niko might view @Algothore's potentially significant financial support a tangible benefit as well. If they intend to stick to their principle of not accepting any money until they are required to (perhaps for legal reasons or in case the project goes awry or dormant), they could still choose to accept the offer under reservation and put Algothore's donations "on hold" until that time, e.g. by transferring them to a savings account (while handling it in a very transparent way at all occasions). That way they are still free to decide down the road not to use the money and reimburse Algothore, but they won't risk losing the opportunity altogether. Win-win? For the record, I am only making this suggestion out of consideration for the project to not leave any potentially beneficial opportunities untapped. In case this donation proposal or similar ones (of this potential scale) have already been discussed and attended to, and the type of suggestion I make here has already been considered, please let me know so I won't pursue this matter further unnecessarily. Some additional thoughts: understandably, the concept of a completely independent CF with Asura (or Darkrasp) as its owner is off the table due to legal vulnerability. Therefore, as Darkrasp said, the possibility is open for another merger/partnership, name change, etc. However, if all costs could be covered by donations such as these (especially with a large portion paid in advance), it might be worth exploring that further in an attempt to stay independent (although CF would rely on those donations). This would allow CF to continue to operate under its own name without the need for a merger. With a different individual as the owner, provided he's located in a country that's relatively "safe" from B, that could be a reality. I wonder if Niko ticks these boxes? I do realize independence comes with the price of some contingencies; CF would need to anticipate possible loss of funding and increased workload related to managing the project, the latter of which I suppose comes down to whether they want to take on additional staff members.