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  1. @shagu Could you replicate the fix @Roadblock did in the original fix of this thread for putting debuffs below the castbar? That would be awesome!
  2. Addon works as shown in Roadblock's screenshot. I think I'm going to try and compile some more spell data and see if I can get this thing fully functioning for all known spells. Anyone who wants to help feel free to add some lines of code that aren't already in the enemycast.lua file Edit: Will have to test further for heals the server I'm testing things on may not be configured to track them
  3. Amazing!! @Roadblock Thanks so much man Works great for me I never tested heals on shaguplates seems like the code isn't there for some npcs (I was at tyr's hand) , but his fix works wonderfully
  4. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BwqKGOby9UhtSkpHQnJFSnBFeUk Shaguplates--Is not in development currently but I love the setup, except for a few things I can't change myself so I'm looking for someone to help! I'd like to add 2 alterations but do not know how lua code functions: 1) Add text to the cast (of the spell) either inside or outside (i'm sure changing inside or outside should just be centered or bottom.) - currently only an icon is displayed 2) Push the cast bar either ABOVE or BELOW the debuffs whenever a spell is being casted - have the castbar push those debuffs directly below and/or above (with an option to change to either). Fix by Roadblock: https://mega.nz/#!gc9QTZDb!DOZE5ypyrCCkk4PsrxX3trjD3ailhHwEJy2Bxh8_HmM Currently Compiling all spell data / cast times for the mod--- feel free to share them in the thread and I will add them to this post
  5. Here I made a formula for you all Please add non classic X quality of life property (feature = X) because of Y reason (justification = Y) to give us a Z experience. (better gameplay = Z). Wait for it.... .. .. .. .. That formula is the reason why this project exists. Think about it. Have a nice day
  6. Great work : Nice job @imbaslap! Keep it up
  7. I updated it, but my question is regard to taking the numbers away entirely. Is this possible? Which part of the code would I remove? I want to remove all numbers from the timer, and only see the clock animation. Additionally, you'll see bugs with the timers still staying on after being taken off from things such as iceblock--the 'icons' will be removed, but the number and clock animation will stay there incorrectly. Any way to fix this? Thanks so much! Edit2: I still see the numbers in the middle of my screen with updated version.
  8. What function would I take out if I only wanted to see the swatch timer and not the actual numbers? Thanks so much!
  9. Really great work! Had fun watching all of this. What if u added a bronze/3d/gradient effect to the icon to add some depth/history rather than white which is a blank slate? I'd love to see another video where u did this Keep it up
  10. Amazing update! Looking forward to the new formulas etc
  11. Greetings and welcome What bugs regarding warrior " especially end game rage starvation effecting gear itemization " were on Kronos?
  12. Great update. I know Asura was talking about me when he said Audio junkie
  13. @imbaslap Sorry was late to the party. I can confirm Kalgan's' formula is correct, my own experience playing retail/research all on threads from 2006 shows that the better the mitigation the less rage you receive. Common sense really if you think about it anyways
  14. Hope I can add my experience playing private servers the past 3 years to help shed some light on things Just to show possibility: Yes, 4/5 full lockouts on per hour for a Lava EMP run are very easy. Thus: Warrior on Cresftall: LFM BRD Lava Run(s) -- (Ironfoe Reserved) pst Any melee/hunter who needs HOJ and healer who needs healing gloves /caster SP ring from quest will come to an hour of runs are fine having the tank reserve the epic item; no need for a guild. This is what happens on every server when ironfoe is godlike and will happen if the weapon is better than viskag just an FYI. Also @Darkrasp, I want to add that what you described as a 'joke' in terms of players wanting to be 'Top Guild DPS' is entirely true and the circumstance for any hardcore guild having people wanting to do whatever it takes to get have BIS first items from new content. It's been potentially true for the past 3 year I've played all the vanilla servers in a variety of different guilds/circumstances/NA/EU etc etc and I"m willing to guess it will be exacerbated the more time passes as many 'push' vanilla to the max. Especially on a server like Crestfall; the more people think the server will be around consistently for years, the more willing they are to put in the billions of hours grinding the best item. Degrading their desires as 'anti social or despicable' doesn't change anything about what players are willing to do to gain any advantage when 'dps output' is the only unequal differentiation point of evaluation for guilds. @Chiasmus You're missing the point; Walgrave is saying-- ceteris paribus --that the person willing to grind out the weapon has the best chance of receiving the best gear because of DPS gains. I'm okay with any decision you guys choose just be aware that if the weapon is godlike mode everyone WILL grind the weapon making other weapons potentially moot. Have a good day!