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  1. https://www.felmyst.com/forums/index.php?/topic/169362-how-to-play/
  2. I'll be happy if the staff just works on the server and does not waste time on videos.
  3. @Sallerius If you would like to make any statement, you are welcome to write it down.
  4. Yes, i think both dwarven gyrocopters and troll shamans are pretty cool. Nothing wrong about that, i hope.
  5. The full term and its abbrevation are in the first paragraph. But I agree that the whole thing is fishy. As I wrote before, i also find the personal delivery strange. btw I just imagined that the guy who delivered the letter was not working for Blizzard at all but merely a random troll
  6. * reply moved to Felmyst Thread
  7. Honestly i was surprised that the server closed so quickly. Not surprised that Blizzard took action against it, but surprised that Gummy gave in instantly. Don t get me wrong, i fully understand that he does not want to get into legal action with a big company and he does not owe me anything, it s just that the felmyst staff acted pretty tough on their forums, like they were not afraid of Blizzard at all. Another detail that I find remarkable is the way the letter was delivered to him. If the person(s) who conducted that was merely a professional defending Blizzard's legal and financial interests, they could have sent such a letter 1. by mail 2. during the beta I am no legal expert, but if running the felmyst server violated copyright laws, it already did so during the beta. That is why it appears to me that someone at Blizzard is taking this stuff personally instead of handling it in a professional way.
  8. Hi. I intend to roll shaman for vanilla... so that makes me Horde.