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  1. @dailybs yes, and its very fun to do between tedious DB work
  2. Circle of flame, from the sulfuron harbinger boss in brd. It has the same skin as the crown of destruction from ragnaros but its cloth so anyone can be a flame-crown wearing king. I absolutely love this item and wear it often in the cities. It also doesnt gather dust in the bank and is always in my bags.
  3. Let's have a good talk whilest fishing sometime
  4. much love and hope u stay here m8 :>
  5. the end is nigh.
  6. GO Dark! can we blame you now if we get any problems? :>
  7. The amount of trust and communication with their community wich lead to involving them in the research and even development side of things. And ofcourse the L33T discord memes (bring back #anime).
  8. i use luna unit frames often, i can test for that one if that helps @Renew
  9. Went for Scholomance here, i simply love the mage-ey feeling you get in there while you're descending into the mansion. i also love the undead theme so thats a big plus, and the colours in there are also quite varrying making the atmosphere pleasant and not too monotone after a while.
  10. holy moly maceroni is this respec bollocks still going on? why. so many points got made against it and for all those opposing it, wait for later expansions. the devs have said it isnt being done... it's not rocket science.
  11. 13984 Darrowspike 18276 https://web.archive.org/web/20080111000329/http://wow.allakhazam.com/item.html?witem=13984 the only remotely useful comment: " RE: chance on hit Posted: Jun 23rd 2005 2:00am | IP: Logged | Reply to this NameFromBeta 2 posts Score: Decent It doesn't proc very often. But it's a nice surprise when it does. " https://web.archive.org/web/20060527041239/http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/spell.html?wspell=18276 the spell it does has a 8 second cooldown as well, this being a contender for a nice tanking weapon i wouldnt make the chance all too high and so not making it OP for tanks
  12. it was 6k peak ;_; oh and, ill be there again with my guild but, since CF is going to deliver and be PTE i will play on the official servers once they are up. ofcourse the testing will go on too, you could say imsniffing out the competitions problems