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  1. Well, you might be right in that it won't change the feeling alot. But when you say that there usually is 2-3 times as many spawn points as there are nodes availible at any given time.. Based on my experience on the latest big private servers there's more like 50 times as many spawn points as there are availible nodes, because there are hardly any nodes availible at all. During busy hours that is. I do believe a reason for it is that some people power farm all day, and that their routes are easily optimized partly due to few spawn points.
  2. The problem with having a set (low)number of specific(spawn exactly at that spot) nodes is that hardcore players will gather them to a larger degree than on retail. I don't think having it more random will decrease the average time nodes are farmed by very much. It'll still be farmable but the farming routes will be more RNG heavy. Clever players will still find ways, they always do. If CF does as suggested before, to have a larger amount of possible spawn points and random spawn within X feet of the node I believe the gathering experience will be closer to the retail experience for the majority of the players. To the OP: As others have already said, probably not.
  3. To quote myself from this thread: My favourite zones to level are desert all the way; Durotar --> Barrens--> 1k needles --> Tanaris. Generally lots of quests and while there is some running the quests aren't spread out like in Ashenvale for example. There are also lots of good grinding spots. You just get shit done in a blazing speed.
  4. Fill your inventory to the brim with resist gear and consumables. Get world buffs. Hearth to raid location. And not to forget, prep a protein shake so that gains are not only gotten in game, but outside aswell.
  5. As many others have already replied, it sounds like you should play a mage based on your preferences. 1. Low maintenance, no shars or such. Sure you make water, but that's free and not very straining. 2. Mage is a fast leveler, at least compared to warrior. No matter if u go fire or frost you find rotations that can keep you going without drinking for a few mobs. 3. Sheep etc.. 4. Mabye the best gold maker On a side note: if you've got the time you can level an alt to make gold for you...
  6. What's in the original post is everything the majority of the Crestfall community wanted to hear. This announcement is better than sliced bread. To the whole team:
  7. I just have to nod in agreement. Keep it simple. No special characters. Everyone should be able to write every name, imo.
  8. Good points. I guess it's situation dependant.
  9. As for the website, read the latest news in this thread:
  10. +1 Yes! "Will not be traded" working properly. Different levels of stealth making a difference. Seal of Ascension during Rend fight.
  11. What he said. If transfers only occur as the graph shows atm this won't affect us at all.
  12. +1 on the threat modifiers. Regarding Thunder Clap being bad for threat generation, I agree with what you're saying. But: 1. if you havn't got a lot of points in Tactical Mastery rage can go wasted when switching to Defensive Stance. 2. I would argue that the attack speed reduction from Thunder Clap is worth it for AoE tanking, even if the spell doesn't generate a lot of threat. It might however go somewhat wasted if you do it in a pack full of spell casters. But then again, if people interrupt properly those spellcasters should mostly be meleeing anyway. I completely agree that Crystal Charge/Holy Water/Dynamite is far superior to Thunder Clap, and is best used in Defensive Stance. But that in lack of all of these (which is bound to be the scenario at least every once in a while even for the hardcore) Thunder Clap is a good substitute. You're actually making me consider Engineering now. Bombs and repair bots are always welcome. Just a side note to the ability Shield Block. If we are talking AoE tanking in a pre raid dungeon I would probably not use Shield Block at all, because the damage reduction is so small. Unless you desperately need to get a revenge in..
  13. @Kelila High five!
  14. Firstly, welcome to the warrior subforum. Question 1: Why do you use shield block in this rotation? Question 2: Do you mean that you do not switch to defensive stance at all when AoE tanking? I assume that you keep your regular 1h+shield on during this rotation? In that case without switching weapons and with only 2/5 Tactical Mastery I would suggest the following: Berserker rage-->Battle Stance-->Charge-->Thunder Clap-->Defensive Stance-->Bloodrage-->Demoralising Shout-->More Demo Shout/Battle Shout/normal rotation