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  1. Druid and Priest are the most staple healers of TBC PvP, not sure about Wotlk since I didn't play it that much. But I would say that in 3v3 the priest probably kept it's rule during pretty much every single season. Also SL Warlock/Druid on 2v2 in TBC were absurdly broken until they nerfed overal CC a bit. Furthermore the Warlock in particular is a heck fun class to play in it's less popular destro-build. Which gets love in every expansion, if anything struggled a bit on the TBC late days due to pretty much everyone and their grandmas havings loads of resilence.
  2. Three unevolved beasts against one dwof is quite unfair and dishonorable. Five would make it more acceptable.
  3. For BIS hunter and I guess for rogue too there is the crafted Devilsaur items, that said. I heared about a so-called mafia dedicated to this particular farm in the private server community, or it was black lotus? Maybe both? Either way, from blacksmithing I'm sure there is a few items probably after quite a lot of rep farming plus some other items from RNG drops that surely should be on high demand. For example, a very certain 2H Axe that buffs shadow (or all spell damage?) that allows very certain classes and/or unorthodox builds a spot in raids.
  4. Hangovered morning hype, best hype.
  5. As the fella @ilovecats well addressed. I salute ye pure bearded brother.
  6. While I generally agree, I cannot promise I wont teabag some of those pesky hideous beasts. But of course, is nothing personal. Is just that, due to the size of our...nature, Dworfs can't simply walk over the corpses of our foes without rubbing our...bags all over their faces.
  7. In any given situation I find the priest as the hardest healer to play with. The amount of different deranked versions of the same spell, less survival, etc...but, if you want to learn all the theroycrafting behind the healer as a role is for sure the one and only. Plus for min/maxing certainly the dwarf priest is the go to for the Alliance. On the other hand, as HPally you kind of use the same concepts, while being easier but not less fun to play with. For wPvP I see it also as the superior choice simply because shield and plates, which in a world filled with damned forsaken rogues is indeed a good thing. But also the fact of being way more straight foward makes him a more suitable class for the chaotic enviroment of wPvP. Quite frankly, I would recomend the pally as first support class. Besides it's mechanics, one has to learn that "feeling" with a support in order to be very aware of how much heal exactly that tank or whatever needs, and when it needs it. Is sort of a different kind of game awareness that you don't learn as DPS or Tank. And for such learning experience the bubble bois are particulary good, in my humble opinion.
  8. Warrior is for me the quintessential of WoW and any game really (I'm even a main Reinhardt in OW). I simply enjoy that it can excels in every role you aim for while being rewarding. Love to set my binds, macros and god damn spiky armors alongside a good trusty mace to hammer my foes with. Not to mention the joy that is being the tip of the spear in any PVE/PVP situation.
  9. Good to know, all I can say is I'm as interested as I was a few days back. That said, I rather not over-compromise to anything until at least there is a release date for the server. Regarding skill, wpvp in fairly big numbers, if the allmighty lag is mercifull, is more about good comunication, hierarchy and needless to say, peps who follow orders. Kind of like a raid to be honest. Rather than mechanical skill, a good team work of average players should always beat a chaotic band of god-like buggers. Anyway, please let us know if there is anything new in the future. Best wishes.
  10. And keep resilence as it was in TBC. I quite frankly began to miss the incredibly long arenas of S3 in the horrendous "Loladin/DK" meta of the new expansion. I even missed the Shadowstep/Hemo rogue, the good times ganking in Sunwell and glitching guard mobs. Ah, those were the days... In fact, disable WOTLK entirely
  11. Warrior and Paladin are usually my go to classes. And likely I'll end up lvling both, always loved Warrior mostly for PvP and Paladin for PvE. Shame the tanky spec for the later is not that viable for raiding in Vanilla. But do to my ignorance regarding vanilla PvE in general I'll actually enjoy the action from the back row delivering holy light.
  12. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but the Blizzlike numbers were 5k Cap? At least during BC, not sure if at some point they change it. Personally I didn't use to bother with the struggle of finding people to do quests or dungeons during my lvling experience on retail those days. Every time I lvled up a character I remember to have a handfull of friends added, roughly lvling at the same pace. So it was fairly usual they were online even close to the same quest nodes or LFG themselves for whatever reasons. Now while I ignore how bad/good can be a population of 8k/12k/15K you name it, I would argue keep it blizzlike is always the best solution. Simply because when Blizzard designed it's world no doubt did it with a certain population number in mind. Could just be for technical reasons, but I guess balance, immersion, economy and so on were also taken into account.
  13. Signed, eager to give my two cents in case of need.
  14. Buena suerte caballeros, por desgracia para mí no cabe otro servidor que no sea PvP.
  15. Good stuff, much appreciated. I reckon you can set your UI in a different realm and later on import the WTF file?