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  1. As much as I agree with you Macu, unfortuately why would people outside of this project pick Crestfall now? Private Servers reputation is now down the shitter due to the crap Elysium pulled. No one will trust Crestfall or join if Blizzard can offer the same. Even if they offer a vanity shop for cosmetic reasons, the population for private servers won't be sustained for this reason. Only time will tell of course and I will be keeping a close eye on both. Preferably the best solution for me would have the Crestfall team and all their data / policies mixed within Blizzard and their company name / security. I can dream surely? Overall, what was the reason we made Private servers? Because we enjoy Vanilla WoW. As long as they don't abuse it or make a Feenix copy. I'll be happy, it's early days so be careful with what you think will happen. But i'm really worried for Crestfall if this does go through.
  2. I'm against it if I have to work with people from another realm. I'd rather it was Crestfall (1) Horde team vs Crestfall (2) Alliance team, rather than a mixed bunch. I want reputation to matter and when you are killing them in BGs it doesn't.
  3. Believe it or not, Rogue is not the most stable class, Warlock is. They are superior in AQ/Naxx, TBC and even WotLK they are very strong. Don't think after Wrath (you can get top level without even trying with any class)... Rogues suffer in TBC as raids favour casters over melee hugely. I only took like 3 Rogues max (mostly 2). The only time Warlocks "suffer" is pre-ZG. But with the right consumables and buffs you can still put out 400/450dps in MC gear. Mage - TBC hurts but amazing for farming even in TBC Shaman is amazing in healing throughout all 3 expansions but arena they suffer compared to Restoration Druid. There is the potential for Enhancement to go far in BeastCleave (I believe) or Elemental in 5v5. But Restoration in the way to go. Hunter rotation is boring in Vanilla, pets aren't bad on Elysium and I expect them to be better on Crestfall. But you won't ever have gold issues with this class. ( I hate hunters so don't listen to this haha) As I have said to fellow guilds members of mine who are interested in Crestfall, think Vanilla. Then when Naxx is about to be released (and you have your main sorted) level an alt for TBC and get him geared through 20mans or pugs. Then when Sunwell gets released, do the same for Wrath. Don't worry about having ONE class for all expansions. Although if you want my opinion on the best classes for all 3 (Raid-wise) Everyone wants Warlocks / Shaman and Priests. Judging by what you state, i'd go with Mage for vanilla (good farming in all 3 expansions + free food/drink ) with a potential shaman for TBC / Wrath.
  4. Finding out that a User is using a VPN service isn't that difficult, most of them have static IP addresses for their exit gateways so it can be used to identify VPNs, specially if they are public VPNs. However finding out who is behind that VPN is much, much harder. Since the whole VPN is designed to hide the person, but not hide that they are using one. Proxy detection is one way that can be used in that they can detect if there is something wrong with the IP. There are other ways, I believe even your email address will have an IP saved from when you first created it due to cookies, which can also be used to check through account email verification stage. There are possibly other ways to find out if they are behind a VPN like browser fingerprinting, IP detection etc but I personally do not know where to begin to find out who is behind the VPN.
  5. A lot of people get this wrong, there is nothing wrong with the Chinese guilds on the whole. Some of them are completely legitimate and raid content just like we do. It's the Gold Farmers which use VPNs that ruin the economy and the game. So I agree that the VPN ban is the biggest factor for me wanting to choose Crestfall, but you will still see Chinese players and guilds. There is nothing wrong with these, just as you might have German / Norwegian guilds etc, which all will speak their own language. Get rid of Gold Farmers and leave them on Anathema / Elysium.
  6. In the end you come into the forum with like 3posts and just point the finger at Elicas and shunting him down stating he is an arsehole and shouldn't be a part of the vanilla community because he took down one guide. It's not a great way to introduce yourself to these forums. So all I have to judge you on is this. And from the shit we have gotten before, yes you seem like "your standard vanilla community on Elysium". Not one of your Crestfall posts is in any way helpful or even kind.
  7. How can you ignore him, if i'm ever feeling down, nothing makes me laugh more than reading his comments. I mean, just read this thread, I certainly enjoyed it... https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/52595-give-a-pala-a-taunt/
  8. Indeed, he still thinks he can tank Naxxaramas as a Paladin due to coding on ... Warsong I believe? Most of his "facts" come from that server
  9. As long as increased spawn rates are announced before the server opens, i'm fine with that. Then back to normal the next day or two. Old Elysium changed it 3hours in and it was quite annoying for me personally.
  10. So many people forget this, and Basilisks are good too!
  11. I've been following this project since it's first establishment, I also helped out on Vanilla.Re, Old Elysium, Nostalrius (all beta testing etc). So I have done a lot over the years, even have my own copy of Elysium just to test out bugs and scripts which is fun. The only one I haven't beta tested is this project and Feenix because I haven't been chosen for Crestfall and Feenix I couldn't give a shit about, and to be honest, I don't have the time at present anyways. I work 50 hours a week and then have to look after my grandmother. Either way, I don't really see what you are getting at? But all i've seen you add to this forum is insult the two most valuable members that have ever been on these forums, being Elicas and Outstanding. Just look at their content and how much they have posted. If you really understood how private servers worked (going off your "experience") then you would understand this member's importance, specially during the beginning which is the hardest. I understand why Elicas is frustrated, he doesn't trust Elysium and neither do I but he spent a lot more time on this then me (BY FAR). So he made a choice, which is fair. And to go with the last bit, I couldn't care less if you were on Elysium or not. There are plenty of people here who were from Elysium including myself. I know half of the names from this forum due to Nostalrius / Elysium.
  12. "Vanilla community is cancer and should just die". Sounds like you fit in perfectly with that ideal.
  13. I never noticed that, but yeh agreed with Xaverius. You won't find that much more useful than just typing it on Google nowadays.
  14. It's good to read these and see that Crestfall is still on the same path as before by fixing certain things other servers have never done, like the drop rate, even I remember farming forever for that prestine yeti hide in Winterspring but I've always got it really quickly on other servers! Even with the Elysium change. I'm still looking forward to Crestfall!
  15. We really only talk about good games here. Mostly WoW.