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  1. /cast Drain Soul(Rank 1) /run local a=GetBagName(4); if a=="Core Felcloth Bag" or a=="Felcloth Bag" or a=="Soul Pouch" or a=="Box of Souls" or a=="Small Soul Pouch" then PickupContainerItem(4,GetContainerNumSlots(4)) DeleteCursorItem() else end This macro will delete the item (soul shard) in the bottom right corner of your left most bag (if it is a soul shard bag).
  2. A Mac computer is also a PC. PC (short for Personal Computer) is a generic term usually associated with computers running on a x86 based processor architecture. So your question doesn't really make much sense. I think what you meant to ask is whether people prefer Windows or OSX games To comment on you question, I think that generally there is a lager selection of games running natively on MS Windows than on OSX, but in recent years many game developing companies have made OSX clients as well - especially for big AAA titles. That being said there are some titles which are OSX only, so I think it really depends on your taste in games. Generally, Mac computers have suffered from the lack of powerful GPU's and quite limited choice in hardware configurations, making them (IMO) a less attractive choice for a gaming PC. However, I think this has changed in recent years - Not really an Apple guy myself, and never will be.
  3. I've been leveling a warlock on "the other server", and I'm using Drain Soul in conjunction with the Improved Drain Soul talent for harvesting soul shards and getting a bit of extra mana regen after each kill. So I was wondering: what are people's opinion on using higher ranks of Drain Soul. Is it worth the extra mana cost for the extra damage, or is it better to just rely on DoTs?
  4. Thanks for the update; great that you are making progress. Please make video of instagib Mor'Ladim
  5. I don't see any report menu/option when right clicking in chat. --- UPDATE TO PREVIOUS REPLY --- I received an in game mail from GM, saying that my ticket has been reviewed and the accounts will be noted and looked into. Here's an URL to screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/o8VsH
  6. I'm sorry to hear so. I think that is completely unacceptable. IMO every report should be dealt with properly, even though it may take time to go through all the reports. If they are not going to act on reports, then why should people even bother to make reports? These are the kind of things that will make me lose faith in the GM staff and makes me question the integrity of the Elysium staff in general. Fortunately, as also stated in my previous reply, I've always received messages from GMs that they appreciate my report and that they will look into the case. I reported 3 gold sellers last night (I'm in CET), but the ticket was still open when I signed off. I'll check as soon as I get home from work if I have got a reply.
  7. I have been reporting gold spammers through the in-game ticket system after finding a post by staff somewhere on the Elysium forum stating that it is the way to do it. I always take a screenshot and upload to Imgur and leave the link in the ticket. I've received several messages from GM's thanking me for reporting and saying that they would look into the case. I don't know if any action has been taken though. --- EDIT --- I do agree though that an easy to use web interface, perhaps with an add-on would make it much easier, and perhaps make more people actually report.
  8. Writing a proper filter for these things is no easy task. As stated by coolmodi, filtering specific words or phrases is easy, but it gets a lot trickier is the gold sellers start getting creative (eg. g0dl.com, go1d.co/v\, etc.). The problem is not writing a filter that would catch these messages, bur rather making sure not to get false positives, i.e. filtering legit messages. I'm not aware what filtering mechanisms they have available, but i would have to guess regular expression or perhaps context-free grammars. In either case, setting up a filter that would properly filter all gold seller messages would take a tremendous amount of work and a lot of testing - and you would still have the problem with false positives. I'm quite sure that if the filter was overly aggressive and filtered out all sorts of legit messages, people would become very angry. So I do believe that the staff, even at Elysium, are doing their best with what means they have available. As said by coolmodi, as long as there are people willing to buy gold, there will be gold sellers. I think that the only way to counter this is having a good community that helps the GMs by reporting any gold sellers/buyers they encounter and that the staff takes drastic measures against these people, e.g. account bans, IP bans and what not.
  9. Thank you for the support! My hugs & kisses are given with 100% genuine love for my fellow Crestfallians <3 - I think people will appreciate. Better than getting love from a heartless machine.
  10. I plan on becoming the single richest player on the realm. Therefore, as soon as Kul Tiras goes live I will be selling hugs and kisses at a discounted price of only 1c (no c.o.d or AH though). Unlimited credit for all CF staff and beta testers, and if you're a poor player I might even throw in a freebie.
  11. LOL, just realized this is the PvE server sub-forum. I'll be playing on the PvP server
  12. Sounds interesting, I would definitely like to join a danish guild once the server goes live. Just a clarification: You do mean that you'll be starting on Crestfall PVP once the server goes live? Your post says Elysium PVP, so I'm a bit confused. I have never raided before (like ever), so I will need some guidance. BTW: You should really post in English - forum rules.
  13. I think this would surely destroy the economy on both servers - so a bad idea in my opinion. As for crossrealm BGs, I have sorta mixed feelings. I think that there is a certain charm to be able to meet the people you fight in BGs out in the world, and being able to build a reputation on the server for being good (or perhaps bad ) at PVP. Therefore, I would opt against it - at least at launch. If, after some time, it becomes nearly impossible for players on the PVE server to get matched in BGs, I think we should have the discussion at that point. Anyway, not a deal breaker for me as long as it is only crossrealm BGs.
  14. Me and probably a couple of friends (all Danes) are going to start playing when the server launches, so we would surely be up for joining a Danish/Scandinavian guild. Are you thinking Alliance or Horde?
  15. Out of curiosity, and I fully understand if you don't want to answer this question, but how exactly are you planning to detect VPN connections? Will you "just" be blacklisting known VPN provider IP addresses? I do not think there exist methods to positively identify VPN connections in general, perhaps there's something with the client that will make it possible, I don't know - but the methods I am aware of will either give you a very high false-positive rate or a very high false-negative rate.