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  1. I do fully understand that it is up to them, but it is vital that we show support for them, as that is what will help move this project foward.
  2. Well, it seems our own servers are back for the time being. Welcome back everyone!
  3. Our great server needs help now. It's known that the whole Elysium disaster has hurt this project, and it's up to us to solve it, and help make this server the best it can be. My idea on helping the server, is to form a large group, or guild that will on a consistent basis test, and help the server. This group will volunteer to be online actively, and will commit to a weekly schedule for testing large group content such as raiding, BG's, and world events. Of course for this large effort, we'll need many dedicated players who can make time in their days to help out. I am also willing to donate money to help for the server, as a project of this size requires large financial support, and I think that the least we can do is contribute a little bit as a community to make this server the best place to be. Of course, this has to all be backed by the team itself, and the hosting issue still remains, but I know many here that are willing to contribute for the good of the server! Please PM me if you would like to be apart of the Community Group to help the server Or, PM me on Discord: Grandy#8929 Visit Outstandings similar topic, with other ideas on the servers future, and how to handle it
  4. Elysium shutting did give y'all a bump in the road, but I give y'all my best, and am faithful that things will work out! Not gonna lie, I am happy you're no longer involved with Elysium, I was quite unhappy as most were when you guys became a part of elysium I'm also sure y'all will talk Light's Hope, it's the same exact thing, just purged of most corruption, I wouldnt mind seiing y'all work together
  5. As we await lord Darkrasps announcement, what do you think will happen? What do you hope will happen?. Will Crestfall follow the new Lights Hope? Or go back down their own path...
  6. Let's see what our glorious CF will do, as Elysium is dead, I never liked and Elysium merger, and hope that the future is brighter for CF
  7. Tell them all that LGN is dead, and Shenna died with it
  8. No, please no water levels, Crestfall is innocent, it deserves better
  9. Chose John Wick 2 over it, going to go next week tho
  10. Was never a fan of the LGN, Elysium has a history of shadiness and I only thought they would benefit from this partnership as Crestfall was pouring in the most resources and devs, I mean they gave them a full team again and were going to use their core. What did Elysium bring to the table?
  11. Hey I am starting an international Social guild on the Alliance if anyone is interested in joining here is a quick link
  12. Alliance Master Race PvE!
  13. Hello I'm joining this server as I heard PTE would be implemented and am looking to start a guild here too! I have been playing for 12 years and am excited for this server!