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  1. This is great! I have been fighting with Nostalrius and Elysium for months to force them fix bugged junkbox loot, but they was ignoring my applications on bugtracker until i quit playing on server with such discriminatory treatment to retail realities.
  2. Items with money inside. Sounds interesting. Will pickpocket lootboxes contain money, as it intended?
  3. There are rumours about blizzard vanilla server images surfaced in darknet. Does anyone know more?
  4. There was war between me and corrupted Elysium executives on their old bugtracker regarding junkboxes content. Unfortunately, old bugtracker is lost with all my complaints, so i have nothing to refer to. Therefore i will ask directrly: will there be money in junkboxes, as patchnotes said, or will there be shitty broken loot tables, pulled out of a hat?
  5. Blizzard Guild Bank and Calendar would be great.