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  1. If they rly gonna delete the old lvl60 chars im out...i just leveled a new char to 60, got complete pre raid bis and joined a hardcore guild (that all since the new start). In this case i will take a break and will wait for crestfall release.
  2. 1. /debufftimers 2. see 1 3. maybe in a later version 4. hots will come def. but later 5. thx, thats something i didnt notice and i will try to fix that next addon update will come this week - i had to level and gear a new toon on another server and was busy
  3. i use my own files, no connection to pfUI in the addon - idk why its solid, cant reproduce the bug
  4. #what
  5. def.! will do that next update
  6. BIG UPDATE! https://github.com/Voidmenull/DebuffTimers - this addon does only for US/EN clients atm! - added options menu- open with /debufftimers - fixed timers (time was 0.5 sec too short) - fixed several auras - Warlock: added drain life, soul, mana - Warlocks: added tainted blood(blind) - Warrior: added Sunder Armor - Mage: added winters chill (only if you have talent points) - Mage: added several polymorp forms, Elemental Vulnerability T3 Setbonus, - Mage: fixed Frostbolt R11 - Mage: added Fire Vulnerability (only if you have 3/3 scorch in talent) - Mage: fixed chilled and counterspell (now it works with talents) - Hunter: added Mark - Druid: added Entangling Roots from Nature's Grasp (incl. rank calculation) - fixed modui - UnitFramesImproved_Vanilla combination bug - added ranks to CastSpellByName hook - fixed pvp bug - removed buffs till next update Menu for Warlocks (they are crazy with timers)
  7. i fixed this in the newest version that i will post tomorrow it came from the missing ## OptionalDeps for modui/ufi and therefor these addons had conflicts
  8. yes! i will post the new version tomorrow here a small preview: also with tons of bugfixes and new spells to track!
  9. so this is one bug and one suggestion will do some fixes when im done with my debuff addon thx for the report!
  10. not possible, sorry
  11. BIG UPDATE! - made the addon standalone and renamed it (you have to use aurae seperate now) - THX Bit for this - Hunter: added all hunter traps (also for pve) - Hunter: added hunter sting shots - Warrior: fixed charge stun - Warrior: added Thunder Clap, Mocking Blow, Demoralizing Shout, Challenging Shout - Mages: Added Fireball R12 - Walocks: fixed Spell Lock, Seduction - Walocks: added Inferno Effect - fixed rogue stuns and debuffs (like exposed armor) - added UnitFramesImproved_Vanilla support - removed timer delay - fixed bug: doesnt show the same timer multiple times (if more then one of the same debuff is applied) - added an option to change the textsize of the timer! check out /DebuffTimers ! - added ClickCasting on the debuffs (doesnt work with pfUI and UnitFramesImproved_Vanilla atm) - note: Spells like winters chill, sunder armor, tainted blood are stack based - seeing their times is propably not what you want pls update your version and delete the old one! edit: also check out how this addon can be used: Warlock Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EnMfHXjclQ Rogue Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-yznWGXA8c
  12. when did you download this version? it should be fixed https://github.com/shirsig/aurae/issues/7 edit: it seems like its a new bug, gimme some time for a fix edit2: ok, its fixed, pls update
  13. Hey guys, this is the offical replacement for the old EnemyBuffTimersVanilla UnitFrames Fork ! The new addon is based on aurae by Bit aka shirsig! Whats new: - Better detection of timers - no more fixed timers! - better UnitFrames integration - diminishing returns calculation - rank and talent calculation Download Github Dropbox Examples: Default: Discord Frames: Luna Unit Frames: pfUI: xPerl: Warlock Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EnMfHXjclQ Rogue Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-yznWGXA8c
  14. im looking for one more active player to test the "new" version of a cooldown timer for unitframes its based on aurae and it has DR, rank and combopoint detection
  15. you updated to fast pls try the current version...its rly strange that i cant reproduce the bug even its clear what the error is... edit: if you still get the bug with the current version i will build in filter so you wont get errors but you will not able to see the tooltip for the crip poison