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  1. It is a progressive realm, vanilla>tbc>wotk.
  2. Welcome to the community, +1 for the ugly americans wizard kek.
  3. If you don't burn yourself playing go for ether one, or you can choose to time-sink something else. I recommend RPGs for that matter if you are into that kind of play.
  4. Welcome to the community.
  5. i has being humorous, because of the meme often used on the topic australia/austria. @meth Bord...Borgs?! Better run, and not risk to get assimilated.
  6. Hello and welcome to crestfall, do me a favor and pet the kangaroos for me please.
  7. welcome to the community. lok'tar ogar!
  8. thanks guys, hope to see you soon in live.
  9. Thanks for the update. Kegs to the hole team for there work.
  10. Depends on the mood, but for the most part some Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Heroin And Your Veins, Moby, Thievery Corporation, Sieben and a plethora of melodic/symphonic metal.
  11. Hello everyone! Is almost a year of lurking on this project, and with each update from the hard working developers I felt the need to make an account and join the community. People interested for voip-chat can message me and we will exchange credentials. Eastern Europe Timezone GMT + 02.