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  1. It will be much easier to collect data once official classic gets released
  2. I probably won't pay for retail subsciption, i'll only follow streams and stuff. If this server opens, i will probably play on this one.
  3. Oh god, breathe...breathe... omggggggg :OOO im going crazy.
  4. Okay! Sorry mods! Hey! Nice, Probably pve. (I added you too.)
  5. Szia Olivér Én szegedi vagyok. Örülök, hogy van még magyar. Üdv.: Kristóf
  6. Hey guys!! I'm so glad i found this server. I'm from Hungary, and i'm just saying hello. I hope, i can find some friends here...from my country, maybe? (Hahó,valaki?) . I admire this game, and the players, who like it as much as i do. I almost never raided before, because i couldn't focus on the community aspect, but i'm looking forward to have insanely good time with you guys, here.. What are you testing right now, beta testers? See you in game!! - Kristof (Zoldi)
  7. happy BD.:)
  8. I found Crestfall by someone mentioning it on youtube comments....at a video about legacy servers.