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  1. few of my friends are obsessed with The Expanse. Gonna try it out later tonight I think
  2. god I love crestfall
  3. happy holidays everyone hope you all have an amazing time with family and friends <3
  4. You don't need an active sub to make comments, only for new threads. Just need an acc and a character and I only have US stuff anyway
  5. my US thread is at over 100 likes, mmochampion repost has a lot of views/comments, over 150 upvotes on r/classicwow as well. Darkrasp is the hero of classic wow
  6. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759341869#1 went ahead and posted it on the retail forums in case people want to discuss it with a larger audience. Make sure to drop a like
  7. I made it to 15 fam
  8. You can use this webarchive link to view the different racial requirements for the horde and alliance mounts in vanilla. There were some restrictions that most people are not aware of like that Mechanostriders could only be ridden by Gnomes and Dwarves and as was already mentioned, Taurens could only use kodos and dire wolves.
  9. Leaked testing footage