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  1. A prime example is Farren's proof in Southshore. I remember doing this quest in 2006 and the droprate was AWFUL! Took me about an hour to do this quest. Even the other comments. However, on Nost and Elysium the droprate is set to 80%...
  2. You guys do realize that Crestfall will have a 6k (rough estimation) pop cap on all their pvp servers, not including the PVE server which if I remember them saying it would Be blizzlike 2500 cap.
  3. Were talking about a community that doesnt ban people like Killerduki or Theloras for openly bashing not only Crestfalls decisions but also Elysiums... Its safe to say, you shouldnt take anyone seriously.
  4. I could have sworn Asura said he is Canadian, not American?
  5. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758845771 So apparently the new expansion got leaked from a Chinese localization, and Crestfall is mentioned as the new zone... So does this mean Crestfall must change its name?
  6. Or dont do what Elysium did by opening a fresh realm a month after Elysium launched... Besides, Crestfall already said there will be around a 6k player cap so it would make sense for them to have two pvp realms and a pve realm. On the topic of 1 week grace period for "loyalty" members, this is practically p2w since youll have a bunch of people at level 30-40+ after a week who will have free control over all the nodes and rare spawns...
  7. To add to imbas argument Blizzard is much more agressive on their pserver stance now that they are affiliated with Activision since they now have to deal with many more shareholders barking at them for lost revenus.
  8. Darkrasp went through most of the NPC gossip about a year ago? So instead of NPCS using the generic "Greetings {insert name}" that plagues most mangos servers, they will actually say what Blizzard wrote for them.
  9. Have you guys contacted gummy in anyway? I think hed be an amazing asset to your team if you could recruit him. Though hes probably pretty depressed with the shutdown of felmyst. The guy is pretty much a scripting legend.
  10. On a side note from my joke, im really sad that the project never came to be... I was hyped as hell. I feel bad for gummy because as much as he is naive, he truly has a passion for the game he fell inove with years ago... It really shows in his scripting and his message. Im seriously annoyed at Blizzard (and yes I know, protecting IP, were all thiefs) but god damn is Blizzard too proud and naive as well to think that people dont want legacy... Gummy had kotaku AND gamespot talking about his server. On top of Warmane and gummy population coming in close to what, 30 thousand? With elysium launching with 30 thousand players as well. This is just private server community, could you imagine how many people would flock to official servers? All in all im not blaming Blizzard, this has more to do with shitty Activision.
  11. Perfect time for CF to annouce launch date to pick up all the stragglers now.
  12. Overall content in legion is awesome, they learnt their lesson From WOD. However, the amount of time gating and grinding required to raid mythic puts naxx and sunwell to shame...
  13. Im praying gummy has a big pop that could sustain 3v3. Ive always thoufh 2v2 was just fotm and 5v5 was a clusterfuck.
  14. Just remember to pray to theloras and killerduki, saviors of the paladin class, the ones who apparently found out about holy resistance meme (even though it was cornholi) and you will win the game.