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  1. Hopefully the next countdown on Crestfall will have as much hopeful anticipation.
  2. DBM and mods like it should never work correctly. Boss mechanics should be survivable without knowing what is happening next; but then you should never know what the boss is going to do next. Boss mechanics should be constantly updated and altered and the AI improved to make defeating them an evolving and often surprising challenge. Trash packs and patrols patterns, distribution, positions, and compositions should be altered and randomized for each run; enough to make speed runs and avoiding them difficult and uncertain at best. Introduce more chaos into fighting npc packs so that fighting them is more messy and hybrid classes are often used in multiple roles during any given fight. Make being flexible and adaptable a key feature which should be as viable and useful as min/max.
  3. Translation into forthright English: "Money may be involved in actions or decisions of people involved with Nostalrius." You seem to have used a lot of words to say very little. I don't detect a substantial point, question, or claim anywhere in the OP.
  4. Shouldn't this be filed under RP?
  5. How do you intend to distinguish "expertise" from false memory? The fact that vanilla emulation has been going on for years has probably created an environment conducive to altering memory. Keep in mind that confidence does not have a strong correlation to accuracy. In many cases, overconfidence can be a significant contributing factor to creating false memory. What kinds of details do you think memory can be trusted to provide accurately? In many cases I would be far more confident in deducing a value or a detail by comparing to other known values rather than trust someone vehemently claiming to remember.
  6. I really like the look of these frames. Just a few observations so far... I do not detect any changes when I toggle /ufi text. In both states, I get remaining/total when I mouse-over each section of the PlayerFrame but I do not see text otherwise. I disabled all other addons to test for conflict and got the same results. I would like to be able to move the party frame with /ufi unlock if possible. I would like to be able to toggle class portraits for party separately.
  7. You got mixed up for the target of the link. The hyperlink sends you back to this thread.
  8. 1

    Yes, this does tend to be the issue. I am fairly flexible with my schedule so I focus on finding a handful of people first then try to build a schedule around what works for most of them. In some ways it would be easier to start out by advertising a particular schedule, but I don't want to disqualify someone I would like to work with because I just happened to pick bad times for them. It is easier with fewer people. I played with my brother for a while on one server. That was very simple. I just got on any time he could get on. In the past I have been part of a team that met 2 days a week to do instances together. That was a lot of fun. I would prefer to meet more often, but I don't always get everything I want. I am willing to flex and adapt as much as possible to make the team work. I hope to find a few others who will help make this kind of thing happen here. There are a lot of ways the scheduling could possibly work. It can be a few days a week for a specific purpose like doing instance. Or it could just be a common time we try to log in most days. I especially want to help support tanks and healers while they level, so I try to be available to quest with them if they want. One of my goals is to make it comfortable for people to stay in an instance spec if they want while working with the team. I tend to use alts to help me fit into the schedules of people I am playing with. Professions are also great because you can spend some time on those to help you sync up with the pace of someone else. Another thing I do for some fun without leveling my character is go try to get through a lower level instance by myself or with one or two more people. If it gets too easy then I try to make bigger pulls. There are plenty of ways to enjoy game content without leaving friends behind.
  9. Why do you care that people care so much? The way people think influences the way they behave. The way people behave influences the people around them. Trash talking people is generally a negative practice in social groups. While it is unlikely that encouraging better communication will be successful on an open internet forum; I can understand why people who want to spend time here would like to discourage negative behavior.
  10. I have been having an issue with this addon. It throws up numbers (timers?) into the middle of my screen. I have been using RetroWoW to test my interface. I don't know if it is possible that there is a bad interaction from something the server is doing. I did test for interaction with my other addons. Even with all other addons disabled the problem still exists. I haven't tested enough to know exactly what the problem is but my best guess is that it is gathering input from the actions of other players around me. Why or how it outputs to center of screen, I don't know. If someone could take a look at this it would be much appreciated. I really like what the addon does when it works, and would like to be able to use it.
  11. Are there any patterns that emerge from the known proc rates? As in, can you get an idea of standard value sets used for each type of variable? Or does it seem like they literally made a unique formula for each proc item?
  12. "Defense" is such a terrible idea on the internet. It is a huge waste of time and potentially harmful to argue with every crazy person out there. You will not help them, and may get crud on yourself. You are much more likely to attract people who feed on conflict and drama, rather than inform anyone. There is plenty of info out there for any sane person who wants to find it. No need to feel threatened by what idiots may think. The only people who benefit from this sort of conflict are the trolls. Arguing on the internet is like... nvm...
  13. I am looking forward to lots of rage and salt from players who have become accustomed to mangos values. The more effort, thought, and teamwork required to succeed at the game the better. It seems like this sort of attention to detail will be seen all over the game to tighten up the slack a bit.
  14. Not sure if sarcasm... Sounds like a good thing to me... I prefer chat channels not overflowing with inane bile. It is a bit disgusting how the larger private server "community" handles things. It seems like trying to appease a large tank full of piranhas. Trying to do anything for these people seems dangerous and unrewarding.