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  1. A certain game director is currently laughing his ass off going to bed. It's always the shady stuff that brings private servers down, and that really hurts their reputation as a whole. For me it's at that point that I might never fully commit ever again to something like that. The sad truth is, blizz is professional, they do not have to make those shady things because they are clear about beeing a company. They tell you upfront that you need to pay because they have to pay for staff/server etc. Idk much about Nost, but as it seems they got big because they were professional and cut out all that BS. Their drama-inducing t-shirt-meme end might be not have been their best display, but as it went you would at least not accuse them of selling characters to goldselling-companies. I really hope that CF is taking the route of beeing honest and professional. The last thing the private server scene needs is another hyped up server that is run by personal gain and shady deals. But we as a community have to stop to be naive as well. People need food, people need money to live. In the end what I really hope is a form of buisnessplan coming out of this, that cleary states how money is generated, and what the money is used for. And if we have to endure a shop that sells us mounts, idc really. I'd rather have everybody running around on their zulian tiger for $20, than put up with corruption.
  2. EE!
  3. A rar-file is an archive. Imagine you take a folder and compress it to a single file. If you know what a .zip-File is, it's basically the same. To open these files and get the actual folders out you need a program. Most commonly used for that is WinRar, or 7-zip. The later of which is completely free: http://www.7-zip.org/
  4. @Yavannie Thats what I remember as well.
  5. My Crestfall-Theme
  6. Garrosh is still trapped on a far away planet!
  7. Come TBC having an Arms-Warrior in the Raid is very benificial. If I were you I would roll Horde as Windfury is a godsend to the Specc and as the people said before me, look for a medicore guild that does not care THAT much about min-maxing. It's not that Arms-Warrior is per se bad, it's still more dps then a Ret i would say, but fury just outshines it in the long run. Nevertheless in the end it's your character and your fun that the game has to give you, so go for it.
  8. I'll pm it to you tomorrow, just want to fix 1-2 things beforehand
  9. A little bit of a necro, but a thing i wanted to start a disscusion on. One quick piece of thought about axe-specc and dps-racials. Yes they are good, but are you not thread-capped anyway? On CF rage for tanks will work so they will not have endless amounts to pump ludicrous tps like on other private servers. So if thread is my cap why would i need another dps-racial that I can't use anyway?
  10. I really wonder how you can get low fps even with a medicore pc. What do you understand as low? 10? 40? 90? When I started I had pretty medicore hardware as well, but that was 12 years ago. I suspect there is something else faulty as well.
  11. So in 2016 Goldberg is still doing Goldberg-Stuff.. Allthough his beard was kinda white
  12. As people before me said allready. Take what you really enjoy. You enjoying what you play and wanting to log in to play more will motivate you more to strife to be better, which in turn will make you better then a player who hates is character and has to force himself. The min-max-mentality only really has a place in naxx, and even there you can play wonky stuff to an extent. In Retail we had Fire-Locks, 2h Fury, Arms, 2 Ferals, a Boomy, a shadow and even a Ret in our raidteam, and we still managed to go 7/15 there. If you don't aim for serverfirst-progression and kick it back a notch you will find a guild that is not as tryhard and will take you in. Just keep in mind that with a wonky specc, finding a guild is a bit harder, as with sought after speccs you can choose freely.
  13. Reworked a few things. Hacked KTM, ElkBuffBars (to make it only show specific buffs). It has some funky stuff like a button that shows up when Overpower is usable or battleshout is missing.
  14. Finally settled to Fury-Warrior. ORC! I'm just not sure if male or female.