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  1. As was stated here for you, @MrZ. In time more testers will be added to the pool, since everyone knows that 99 codes on the wall, and you take one code down, fix it up and put it back, you have 224 codes to be fixed on that wall. In other words, the more that is being delved into, the more things could break or be overlooked and the more eyes that are available to look around and see about it being fixed, the better it will be, the quicker the fix, and the more things progress. =) But yes, do stick around, welcome to the community, and look into mingling and getting familiar with folks around here! The more the merrier!
  2. In truth, considering the recent events that also just transpired for the sudden server shutdown (albeit for about a day or so) of Elysium, there may end up being more things for the server to shut down at random for that we, in the community who both play there and test here, or simply are waiting for here to open while seeing what happens over at Elysium, aren't privy to. That being said, anything that can or could happen does have the chance to, whether good or bad. Additionally, with Elysium basically saying, as Gurgel put it, giving a big f*** you to both Nost and Blizzard, I'd like to think that they are rather confident in what they are doing. They did state to the community, however, that they are building their own core, Anathema, that will be entirely their own and no longer using that of Nostalrius'. Although I think Nostalrius wanted it to be that all players who had original characters on their realm stop playing their reborn characters on Elysium... I can't even begin to fathom or imagine why they would want that other than for some sort of perk towards Blizz, or some other unknown mind-bending reason that I couldn't even begin to come up with for an excuse. That being said... let the future commence!
  3. Agreed. When it comes to it, having several alts (one for gathering profession, one for trade materials, one for consumables, and so on) with 16 slot or even 14 slot bags in the 4 carry-on slots, plus the first 3 or 4 tabs (typically I'd go up to the 25 gold slot and stop there) would be more than enough to an extent, unless you're rolling in money.
  4. The way that I look at it is: the more servers that are available to the public, the better it will be for all. I say that because, ultimately, if there is a selection of servers for people to call home, it can cause a nice spread of people, to even out the field of such a population. While I applaud Elysium/Nostalrius for coming back and bringing accounts back for old players, I am not sure that it feels like the same place that I enjoyed back on original Nost. That being said, I have nothing against the new Nostasium, but I also am hopeful for CrestFall and what they are delivering on. As for player caps, that's always a tough call. I am sure that CF has a plan, but I haven't the foggiest of what it is. Whatever it is, I hope that it is a great solution for all. Naturally, only time will tell! =)
  5. As there are currently no rules set in place for this as of yet (I'm sure they will be) I'd like to assume that this is something that you are going to have to do 'at your own risk'. People will always try and find innovative ways to power level another character, which is fine unless it was stated in the rules that you can't do it. Naturally, people are going to want specific examples of it, of which some of these examples were stated above. That being said, original Nostalrius had it implemented that if you were logged into two accounts, they had to be in major cities together but could not have one in a major city and another somewhere else doing something. That being said, if one or both toons were not in the city and you were caught, then it is entirely in the fault of the account holder at that point. What exactly will happen here, I couldn't say. There are other ways to level a toon fast without doing anything that is iffy or causing question to the method. However, I'll keep hush hush on such things. =)
  6. It's certainly nice to be part of the beta team. Makes it seem all the more real to me. =) That being said, thank you for the update! It is lovely to see what is being done going public and being transparent about the progress. It makes the community feel valued, which matters greatly in projects such as this. Again, thank you!
  7. Additionally, Engineering for a hunter for PvE progression can actually be a major benefit should your FD work accordingly and everyone is dead. Using Jumper Cables are sometimes what are needed in order to keep things going for progression sake when you are on a tight time schedule. There's also that in addition to scopes and rifles that would be available to you if you're not lucky with the RNG Gods. However, there's nothing wrong with going with any profession mixture that you wish, since, at the end of the day, it is what you're going to enjoy doing more that truly matters.
  8. I'm rather excited for this! With having finished signing up (which the application process/page was just fine BTW) I am eagerly awaiting the news! =) Here's hoping! Thanks again, to all of the alpha testers here at CrestFall, and the beta testers to come! Super pumped!
  9. As was mentioned by Imbaslap, and as one of his guild raiders from Nostalrius, there are a good chunk of us that are sticking together and would be more than happy to do any testing for a project that seems to pique our sweet tooth of curiosity. That being said, definitely going to be keeping an eye on things to see what happens here, whether it is structured testing and writing reports with reliable sources, or free-for-all where we test what we know with said sources that should be working properly and going that route. Naturally, a more structured way of testing would probably be ideal so that there isn't too much overlap, but at the same time, it is a project that is up to the developers and administrators with how it is handled. Looking ahead! =)