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  1. hopefully darkrasp tests the pathfinding in the real world and try shooting a deer with a bow through a giant tree stump.. i wonder what the results would be.
  2. cant fault people for volunteering and changing course. things come up and it's not for everyone. he gave his time to the project and then parted ways. nothing more than that really. not sure why you're making it personal against outstanding. he did some good things for the project during his time. if anything, you should be thankful for anybody who does good things for the project; regardless of how long they are a part of it. anybody is free to make changes to how they volunteer there time and when. I'm sure outstanding will be back for Open Beta when it comes closer to release time. after all, who's gonna test fishing again before release and rag Asura about it if its not 100%?
  3. and nab fixes.
  4. super buffed raid encounters on a temporary, tournament realm sounds dope. give people incentive to try it out and if they beat it, they get some fancy TCG items on CF realms. just kidding, though not a bad idea for stuff on the side. though a hosted PVP tourny realm would be dope as well for TBC onward similar to how blizzard did it early wotlk. getting that murkimus pet was fun along with the vanquisher title.
  5. when Game of thrones concludes.
  6. so in retrospec, its a 0.12% nerf to a 1% build that sees about 1% of gameplay.... not sure why this is a big debate. and its the closest to blizzlike...
  7. enhance shamans dont use ironfoe and cant dual wield. not sure why you would gimp overall damage just for a gimmick extra strike spec. the only case a enhance shaman would see it would be from WF weapon chant + hoj in which case is very negligable. you'd be better off going for more stats than relying on an extra strike since shamans dont have a melee producing special attack (except stormstrike) it's mostly an auto attack you rely on for majority of dps with shock spells. WF totem + hoj would function the same as coolmodi pointed out. 1 + 1 would still count so no class would be hit hard by it. the only time you will be hit is if you're using ironfoe (with a correct non bugged version ironfoe at 2% proc, not 10%+ like other pservers). most of which, wont even matter because its a crap weapon anyway even with its proc. you'd gain more by not using ironfoe and using WF totem + HoJ with the current system on CF. so really, the only thing this would gimp is enhance shamans who want to wear a 1 handed mace as a primary weapon and forget this isnt tbc where they cant dual wield. even in TBC, this discussion becomes irrelevant as blizzard already gutted most of the extra strike system with ICDs and select procs not being able to proc other extra attacks etc. so really, in the grand scheme of things, its a very very VERY minor change in gameplay giving a more thorough system to allow extra attacks to work correctly. also sword spec for warriors/rogues is just +1 attack. so really. nothing changes for those classes. horde rogues sustain the +1 from hoj, wf totem, and sword spec. warriors sustain same as above. so if you want to make a big deal about it. it's really just a small teeny nerf (barely noticable) to people who run a correct ironfoe, or enhancement shamans on drugs using ironfoe as a main damage source.
  8. ever since nostalrius made a huge tantrum about their C&D letter, blizzard is now more proactive in shutting down servers. it's to be expected that the time from scriptcraft 2 and the time of post Nost shutdown would be different. maybe 2008 you could host in the US, but not in 2017. also in regards that blizzard wont be going after the hosting provider anymore.. moreso the person hosting it entirely. it's a different battle now and the pserver community must adapt to it and become more elusive or risk being the victim of shutdowns. also, people need to quit boasting about private servers to these gaming websites. it's like using 911 to attract the cops when a drug deal is going down.. like seriously smh.
  9. seems to be good so far. im still waiting for the server to come back up..... must be something wrong with the server provider...
  10. good question on #4 since #4 could be a gateway into gold selling on the realms or "laundering dirty money" via the AH with leather. i would like to hear feedback on that and i heard elysium did something to counter it? not entirely up to speed what other realms did to counter such things. though, the same could be said about certain TBC materials being monopolized as well. as much as i wouldn't prefer the blizzard way of telling you how to play the game, certain changes could be done without punishing players for playing the game. ban players for colluding, or do small custom change to stem collusion on a resource, letting players play without fear of losing account. interesting discussion indeed and i wonder what people think.
  11. i might check it out if the Pserver scene is dead.
  12. leveling takes like 2 weeks max.. dont stress about it and play what you want.
  13. haha.. well said.
  14. vanilla is a different game. treating it as something other than what it was is just wishful thinking. Darkrasp is on point to how it was back then. the ones screaming for challenge should try the later expansions when blizzard retracted the "laid back" raiding approach and started making everyone play better through mechanics. (hence the increase in raid difficulty from late vanilla to TBC etc with less people.) the only thing that is acceptable is tuning old content to meet the standards of the latest patch to give more "feeling" to the experience vs a faceroll one. all vanilla content is meant to be cleared. how much time and effort you're willing to put in to achieve that depends on the players. change the flavor up and it will be fun all around for everyone. another beauty of being a PTE project, you get multiple flavors of challenge while enjoying the experience from the beginning to whatever end you want to stop at.
  15. world buffs and consumable stacking was a part of vanilla. blizzard corrected this design choice in TBC with the battle/guardian elixir and making old world buffs useless past level 63. also, most pservers dont even script the world buff cooldown timer, resulting in multiple world buffs being dropped daily at their disposal. fix this and you will have a tougher experience doing content without world buffs due to the cooldown.