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  1. CF code was so advanced that it became sentient. It broke free, looked around a bit, and fled to retail: http://bfa.wowhead.com/npc=122370/cyrus-crestfall
  2. Yeah, that's absolutely true and one of the many things that I'm worried about. SWTOR had the same problem: Lots of people on launch but overall too many servers that eventually started dying. They solved it by merging servers but as we know, Blizzard doesn't do that, and it would be especially out of place in vanilla due to the importance of community. Lengthy initial queues + surveys/stress tests to gauge player interest are the only solutions I can think of.
  3. I'll pay whatever price they ask for. 30e/month. The new expansion. A kidney. An occasional blood sacrifice. My soul. My guess is that the subscription for Classic and retail will be combined. Maybe 40e for a box too, even though we already have it. Doesn't really matter. Most people will still buy it. How so? I assume that you think that retail players will somehow "pollute" the classic servers, but having a lot of clueless people who don't know where quests are or how stuff works would make the experience more "blizzlike" than a server that only has vanilla veterans and private server players in it imo. Back in vanilla everyone was a noob afterall. It would be pretty lame if the classic server population consisted of nothing but people from pservers and grumpy old-timers.
  4. I'd prefer that tbh. WoW didn't launch with hundreds of addons that play the game for you afaik and there shouldn't be any available for Classic on launch either imo. I understand that a lot of work has gone into addons over the years and I appreciate all the effort but I'd prefer if AH scanning addons, quest/raid helpers, decursive etc weren't available (even if they were at some point later in vanilla, I wouldn't know). The ones like pfUI are another story ofc but I would imagine that Blizz will update the UI somewhat for Classic anyway. The community will cry no matter what they do.
  5. Well, the CF devs always said that this was a hobby project that they're doing cuz they like coding or something, and that they'd be content to play with just a handful of friends and family so I'd imagine this doesn't affect them. Personally, I'm super excited about the news and happy to leave all this private server nonsense behind me. In hindsight it was totally not worth it.
  6. These comments kinda highlight the fact that there have always been two separate CF communities imo: The one in discord/beta and the one here on the forums (with some overlap between the two ofc, but still). I assume that the first one is doing fine since Darkrasp says that no one has left the beta, but it's pretty obvious that the forum community has been dying due to a combination of slow progress, majority of the staff abandoning the forums, and the elysium drama(s). I guess it's understandable that the forum wasn't given much attention, especially at a stage when the server wasn't ready yet, and since it was going to be swallowed whole by the masses anyway when CF was released. Still, it sucks cuz it wasn't always the case. The announcement that we would be part of Elysium and would have to migrate to their forums (almost no one did) was the final nail in the coffin ofc. Majority of the original forum community will no doubt be back for the server itself but I highly doubt many will bother to participate as actively as they once did, let alone donate to the project, after all this.
  7. Everyone's "crawling back" to say this ofc: I was going to put Alexensual there first but figured people wouldn't like seeing him being mentioned even for silly purposes.
  8. According to Darkrasp's post the main reasons why things needed to change were: 1. Asura's lack of time to develop 2. Fears of Asura facing legal trouble for being a US citizen and in charge of CF 3. Asura's and Crogge's lack of time to run the project. 1 Will be fixed by this Niko person. No elysium involvement needed (unless he is already working for elysium *tinfoil*) 3 Could be fixed by handing different parts of the leadership to different people (1 in charge of overseeing development (niko), 1 in charge of PR (someone from CM/GM team maybe? etc.) So as far as I can see the only real reason why they "need" Elysium is to keep it safe from Blizzard. And yet the private server scene is full of projects that do just that without selling their souls to Elysium. The only notable projects that have been shut down by Blizz as far as I know were nost and felmyst. Felmyst failed because Gummy was a murican hosting in the US so yeah, no surprise there. And the general consensus seems to be that Nost didn't have to be shut down: they either freaked out or wanted to get hired by Blizz. So why is Elysium so essential to CF's survival? It's not. Convenient for them maybe, and probably what Crogge wanted all along because he's already running Elysium but hardly the only possible choice seeing how other servers and projects exist. So to answer your question, they could have asked the community they already had for help and donations maybe, and then go to Elysium if it isn't enough? Or just continue with the old plan, with new leadership structure and main dev? With Asura no longer in charge and the project hosted outside the US I don't understand what the problem would have been. Oh, and they also don't have to throw away the forums and discord they already have but they will do so anyway because reasons? Anyway, feel free to point out the flaws in my thinking. I fully admit to being clueless about most of this stuff.
  9. My thoughts exactly regarding certain staff- and community members who I thought we're cool but have started bashing and belittling other people's opinions and valid concerns instead. He or Asura should have done that ages ago to save everyone's time instead of feigning interest imo.
  10. > Proceeds to write a wall of text with 500+ words. Welcome back.
  11. Fixed for perfect solution to make the launch stable and playable! :-D
  12. This would almost be worth it just for the amount of butthurt it would cause on reddit but nah, not worth the hassle. How would you define a CF community member anyway? Post count? Post/reputation ratio? Just having a forum account? Some people have probably lurked for ages too but haven't posted anything and some people prefer discord. Probably too much effort to make a list of people who count as "part of the community". I think I've said this b4 somewhere but I'd prefer that they just give a rough estimate when the server launches instead of an exact time so that player would trickle in over the day instead of everyone trying to log in at the same time.