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  1. Yea they could pull the map out of the 1.4 client and distribute a custom patch to bring it back. I don't think they have all the npc spawns for the closed off areas. Also some of the spell/mechanics might not work. (In reference to whatever the Syndicate eye did. Did it just let you farsight the enemy base?). They'd also need some way to verify that the custom mpq is loaded, which they might be able to do with warden and a checksum. Yea it would be nice to see but kind of pointless as it will just be a boss rush. Like it always is nowadays.
  2. Spamming topics isn't going to change their mind.
  3. Can confirm, almost got banned by my own guild trolling me.
  4. Not sure where they got patch 1.11 from. Looks like the ScriptDev2 devs fell for the Wowhead trap. The ability to summon Vael during the Rend event has been in since the start of the game I'm pretty sure. I know you could use it prior to ZG release as I had one on my rogue prior to ZG coming out. You can see some comments on Allakazham from early 2005. http://wayback.archive.org/web/20050425062202/http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?witem=12344
  5. Started playing WoW through the various stress tests during closed beta and then open beta. I tried getting into the closed beta but didn't get picked. Picked up the game on day one and played until a couple months after ICC came out. Came back during Cataclysm for a couple months then quit again.
  6. The Judge's Gavel
  7. They should be fine. Mail greens can still generate physical strength up to level 35 at which point they start generating hunter/shaman stats. As for why they did the cut off at 35? They probably went off item level for the random properties generation. Knight's Breastplate (req level 34, item level 39) Marauder's Tunic (req level 35, item level 40)
  8. That's not correct. For example look at the case where you have a quest to kill a boss and loot it's head. If the player whose turn it was to loot it didn't have the quest or had already completed it then it would screw over everyone else. Look at Broodlords or Ony/Nef's head. Likewise with corruptor's scourgestones.
  9. Just give civilians Death Touch. Whoever pulls them will die instantly before anyone else in the group gets on its threat table.
  10. I don't believe they will be as I don't think they have the prenerf spawns for Strat/Scholo. Running the post nerf versions as a 10 man doesn't make much sense with the post nerf versions.
  11. It's not a dps spec, it's a utility/support spec.
  12. RIP Sunscale, the Nightfin shall last forever!
  13. That's pretty much what needs to be done with squid/bass as there is no mixed period as I recall. It should be acceptable for nightfin/sunscale, better then dealing with both of them dropping all the time. Heck just remove sunscale no one wants crappy hp/5 food.
  14. I'm hoping we have at least Nightfin/Sunscale and Squid/Summer Bass working before release. I don't know how complex the conditions can be on loot though. The other stuff isn't as big of a deal and would require a lot of work. Here's El's Anglin for reference if anyone wanted to try to put something together.
  15. It's the World of Warcraft Bestiary. It came out around the start of TBC so it contains some TBC mobs and the vanilla content is in it's nerfed state but it's still useful for getting an idea of their abilities and mob stats. If you look around you might be able to find a pdf copy of it. https://www.amazon.com/Warcraft-Bestiary-Official-Strategy-Bradygames/dp/0744009790