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  1. Welcome ! A lot of people would probably main a warlock as always .. Tip stay tuned on Discord all the good stuff happens there
  2. Welcome ! P.S. Kawaii snowflake !
  3. Haha new staff members spotted QQ! No clue why Nogar and me wasn't noticed but only Imba.. I feel discrimination of some kind(*jk*) ! P.S. My avatar is the best avatar !
  4. Another Bulgarian good good lil bit more and we can make a damn Bulgarian guild !
  5. Some of us already play on CF
  6. Retail harder than Vanilla WoW ? How so ? I don't understand this. Please explain.
  7. Those are really great songs btw !
  8. Welcome to one of the best place on the internet ! : )
  9. You have to love that type of matchmaking! Low mmr players getting to play with better players kek !
  10. Still it's the best video on youtube!
  11. I don't have problems like that everything looks fine at the background on my chinese phone.
  12. They don't want the main realms to get overpopulated with chinese players, so that's why there will be another server in which they wont ban VPN connections so everyone could play including chinese players. Also the servers online players cap would be around 5000, that can be another reason to that. Also chinese players doesn't equal to trouble. For me the only trouble comes from chinese goldsellers, but that's another topic. Back in the day of Diablo 3 release my party was consisted of 2 chinese guys and one korean guy for farming purpose and the guys were all cool. And yes we were aiming at the RMAH for most of the time. But after they removed that those guys went back to Asian server that was the end.
  13. Welcome ! Happy to have you and hope you can manage to hit 60 on Crestfall !
  14. You should've not replied now you jinxed it....
  15. @Asura correct me if I'm wrong, but I can assure you that the anti-cheat system here is quite good Rumpelholz.