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  1. That's be best news I've heard for the last few years. Congratulations to all of us. Maybe we'll meet on a battleground some day. I promise to /wave and /kiss
  2. Well, that's an unfortunate turn of events. I had my personal doubts of Shenna, but I had never expected of Crogge acting so thoughtlessly.
  3. Yes, time passes quickly. Joined April, 17th. Happy anniversary!
  4. I'm sorry to see you go, Outstanding, I always enjoyed your posts here. I still hope that you'll be back sometimes.
  5. Isn't it a WotLK feature? According to vanilla videos (like Joanna's) some summoned minions didn't despawn and were quite difficult to deal with.
  6. No one is beyond redemption
  7. And we even know who it did and when - someone named Germaine 59 S/He tried to change 2.0.1 patchnotes also but it was corrected in the next revision of the page. I see that Moonfury spell also drew her/his attention: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Moonfury?diff=prev&oldid=2525037 It is needless to say that this change also doesn't correspond to original Blizzard 1.8.0 patchnotes.
  8. I remember me (pally tank) with two friends (feral druid and priest) clearing some dungeons to get phat loot in TBC We cleared dungeons till Mana Tombs (normal ofc) included.
  9. Most of the quests for Alliance are part of two quest chains. One of them starts in Astanaar ([21] On Guard in Stonetalon), another one is from Ratchet (neutral) and there are also some quests in Stonetalone Peak + a quest from Stormwind ([26] Retrieval for Mauren), Ironforge ([21] An Old Colleague) and Astanaar ([21] Pridewings of Stonetalon). Also there is a neutral quest in a cave full of kobolds which is poorly scripted on every single private server I've seen so far I kinda like the location, it's quite lovely except for the goblin part, ofc.
  10. It's nice to see that I'm not alone There are 22 available quests for Alliance and 42 for Horde (including quest chains like Test of Lore, but still).
  11. DiscordActionBars
  12. It was common in those days. Lots of roleplayers, also faction pride, guild pride and so on. Unfortunately WoW and its players have changed a lot since 2007-2008.
  13. Long ago I was patrolling Hillsbrad Foothills to prevent ganking from alliance 70s. Most of the gankers were in outland greens so they were quite easy to deal with. I don't know if this kind of behaviour stll exists though. As for me, I played on a RP-PvP realm and considered protecting people as my duty (I played a paladin, ofc :D).
  14. It's true. They are so insulted when you kill them even if they attack you first, that it's just laughable.
  15. It's nice to see a fellow FFXIV player I quit a year ago but I still have a warm feeling for it. That's my character.