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  1. Make sure you don't faction dodge! =p
  2. Agreeing with this, if this is the way you decide to go with donations.
  3. Agree with this, I don't like name or race changes, but I guess I can live with the latter. As long as it's not a faction change.
  4. I played a Mage to Rank 14 on Nostalrius (where there was no LOS) and currently playing another Mage on Kronos (where there is LOS) Strongly prefer the LOS on Kronos myself, and I'm a caster. It raises the skill cap in my opinion, you can use the environment in a lot of different ways to your advantage/disadvantage in a lot of ways. Very enjoyable. I don't even agree that it gives melee players an insane advantage, at least not versus a Mage. Also, I think you should look at it from more perspectives as well - not just a duel or 1v1 perspective. Personally I believe having a strong LOS benefits Healers the most, especially in Group PvP. Good positioning becomes an incredible valuable skill.