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  1. Simple and clean
  2. rate my avatar ples
  3. In my opinion I think they should allow special characters for that reason alone. I hate having my name stolen, it happens on so many servers and then you have to resort to retard names such as Namelol or Nameqt or the famous Namex. And I don't know if this option is enabled but they should allow a max of 3 special characters in a name, other wise you'll get names such as : Méthøðmåñ So in my opinion they should, I don't know the current stand point on it right now tho since I never asked. But you did now so let's find out
  4. Sorry for the late response, There is no option however to increase the distance that you can see mobs / npcs to my knowledge. As far as I know it is only around your character's radius that you are able to see mobs and npcs. Hope this helps!
  5. Haha yeah I didn't know how to write "tangents" I just watched a video of a guy with an accent so I thought he was saying tungents. As for the forum avatar not being motivated enough, well I wouldn't know what else to give them. A background maybe? not sure but hey it is atleast something right I'm looking forward to see what footage you come up with I make avatars for people that donate or contribute to Crestfall directly, so it's not just the staff. I make the avatars for the staff for free tho, but I also make them for people who invest alot of stuff in the community as in providing research etc. Hope that clarifies it a bit more
  6. Hey guys as promised here is the tutorial on the WMT camera tool. My christmas contest entry Leave feedback below! (DL WMT here)
  7. Thanks for your feedback, I'll respond to some of your points! First of this was was my first time ever making a video like this. So you're right about the lots of "uhms" and "uhs" also I didn't really have a script but more of like points, and went by them and made some text up in my head. I will prob make a small tutorial about how to use WMT (wow machinima tool) but the whole point of this is to let the community be creative (not teach everyone how to use programs ;P) plus it is raw footage so it doesn't really need to be edited. For the points that need to happen in the contest here they are again. Vanilla Content Raw Footage 2 clips both different zones (3 optional and has a higher chance of winning the contest) Be creative (but make it a cinematic feel) End date is December 20th Send video responses on the forum or on the youtube video Note you don't need to edit the video anyway it's just raw footage that I need. I will make a small tutorial on the WMT as I said before.
  8. Hello ladies and gentleman of Crestfall! I thought it would be fitting since the holidays are coming up soon, to have an avatar giveaway / contest entry set in the Christmas theme. The instructions will be in the video below. I hope you guys like the vid (first time ever recording myself like this ) and that you guys have fun in making the clips! Send the video responses on this forum post or this youtube video. --TOOLS-- -WoW Machinima Tool (3.3.5 & 4.3.4) Used to help record cinematic clips. Click the links (lol) -After Effects / Sony vegas (figure out how to get these yourselves) These are the avatars you can win! Goodluck and happy holidays!
  9. This made me laugh way harder than it should have xDD
  10. Thanks for the nice comments and feedback everyone <3 !
  11. Hey guys , Here is an AVI I made for @Noxx as you can see he is no staff member, so shoutout to him for supporting me! I worked around 2,5+ hrs on this so this was a big and fun project I hope you enjoy the video . Put your feedback below, like and comment if you feel like it and tell me what you think of the designs I've made ^^
  12. Yeah idk I just didn't like the regular songs because I'm already getting spammed with them at supermarkets and stuff everywhere so I thought meh need something more spicy. Not really my taste either but it is "christmassy" (if that is a word? ) and kind of made it a bit "special".
  13. Hey guys , Here is the making of the CLOSED BETA banner with the christmas athmosphere! More Christmas stuff to come stay tuned for that ! Feedback is appreciated !
  14. And so it begins.