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  1. I was going to play EU, but as my current stuff is all still NA, I'll probably stay there. Class: Holy/Priest Faction: Horde Realm: PvP 1st Alt: Rogue Prof: Tailor/Ench on priest, mining/eng on Rogue
  2. I mean technically if we're in open beta by end of 2017, a "release" has happened, so to speak. huehuehuehue
  3. It was great having you around. Thanks for all the hardwork you put in
  4. Multibox Ruling Hello Crestfallen. Due to recent discussions on the topic, the administration team of Crestfall have come to a final decision regarding multiboxing on both the PvE and PvP servers. Secondary account characters will only be tolerated in capital cities/moving to capital cities. Alternate accounts can be used for professions, using the AH and additional bank characters only. Leveling multiple characters simultaneously, even if you are just on follow and tabbing between clients, will result in a permanent ban of both accounts. Using multiple accounts to simultaneously PvP will result in a permanent ban of both accounts. Any use of AH bots on your secondary account will result in the permanent closure of both accounts. Regards, Crestfall Team
  5. The initial release is the hardest. During this time we're building the core for all versions. It's not just "vanilla" getting fixes, it's everything. For example: What is TBC if you minus everything in Vanilla? New scripts? Guild banks? Flying? Gems? Arenas? A few new mechanics, a few new spell auras and effects. Over all, it's not a massive change, and the scripting doesn't require Darkrasp, myself, or Gorbulas (though, we due enjoy doing it somedays). We keep our TBC branch up-to-date with our Vanilla, and sometimes I personally do work on TBC as it's easier to find bugs with some effects/auras as there are larger use cases. In general, TBC and WOTLK are very easily adaptable too, not to mention we did a lot of work on earlier versions before we started this, so we have a lot of fresh clean code (phasing system for example, I wrote when 4.3.x was still LIVE, which works for 3.x and has all the terrain swap stuff for 4.x). We will also be starting alpha/beta much earlier for other expansions, allowing them to be fully scripted and ready long before the previous version is over.
  6. It's not that we're not here, we're discussing what needs to be said. While some of what was posted was outright untruthful, and other things (good and bad) were entirely exaggerated, some (also good and bad) was true. We are listening to feedback, and discussing what will be done going forward. Comments made by people like Outstanding, despite being made without actual knowledge of team members abilities and their knowledge, are not things we want to ignore. Project structuring and management is not a small topic, and while Darkrasp being in NA and me being in EU doesn't cause any issues with development, it can when wanting to talk about a topic that requires hours of discussions. We will post an official response this weekend. The project is still being worked on. We're still here, and we still care.
  7. Crestfallen, Unlike most developer corner posts, this will be a bit different. I don't enjoy typing much if it's not code, so I'll try to keep this small and to the point. Where are we? We are slightly behind our internal schedule. Due to real life constraints, I've been limited the past few weeks. In the next week or so, people like @Soulson and @Roadblock will finally have proper scripting realms, so we can really push in that direction. We already have many scripts done from a previous iteration of our scripting engine, and we will be porting those to the new engine, which should help make this easier. Our focus, as well as scripting focus, will be on 1 - 20. So, when does the open beta start? We've always tried to avoid giving a direct date, and we're still going to do that. We're finally starting to look better, but we still have a lot we want to clean up. We were still fixing things with the highly updated spell system recently, so we're still making sure there's no major issues left (Like cooldown types being swapped in a function resulting in permanent cooldowns in some places). We also did some more database expanding to make it easier for new guys like @Xaverius and @Nogar to be able to help even more. I'm really hoping in the coming weeks we can decide on something. @Elicas and I came up with a couple month plan, and we know where we'd like to be at specific dates, but as I said in the first paragraph, real life has slightly pushed back our dates. We originally had an 8 week preparation point for middle of July, but I have a business trip around that time period, and most of May was rush time for IRL work, so we've had to push that back a bit. We're doing an internal checkup to figure out where we are vs where we wanted to be, so we can at least provide solid idea of what is happening for everyone. So what is the plan for open beta at least? Our main priority is still 1 - 20, with 20 - 30 as a buffer. When open beta testers hit 1 - 20, we'll work on 30 - 40, when you test 20 - 30, we'll fix 1 - 20, and continue on 40 - 50, and so on. Essentially we'll be preparing the next batches while we clean up an already tested level grouping. Now, we acknowledge we can't have a perfect server, and we don't plan to be "perfect", but we really want to get literally as much as possible completed, and ensure all high priority (class quests, events, instances/raids/pvp, etc) are as polished as possible prior to any release. Once we finally do decide on an open beta time and have launched said open beta, the public Discord will become active again, and we will engage with testers so that we can move as quickly as real life allows us. Realistically, how does it look from developer standpoint? Well, it's hard to say. I'm really happy seeing how much we have actively fixed, but there's tons of stuff yet to do, and we've still got a ways to go after rebuilding everything. That being said, we're in the... "easier" part of development. Now we're fixing creatures, fixing spells, scripting content, and as real "major" things occur, we get them fixed as fast as possible to prevent downtime or issues. As I said, we're behind where @Elicas and I had hoped to be, but delays are always possible. We're still pushing for a 2017 release, so at least that hasn't changed. As of now, there is about 1100 issues found thus far, with about half of them fixed while we focused on major problems. Many of those left are related to quests, which were waiting on scripters to begin, spell fixes (NPC, Player, Items), or object data (Creatures, Items, etc) that are easily fixed and can be picked up by our newer guys (@Xaverius and @Nogar). Closing This will be the only announcement I have for a while. My priority has been focusing on development whenever I have the time, and I haven't had much time for forums or being social with people who may have messaged me on Discord. We have another Q&A coming up this next week, and we're going to skip Darkrasp's update this rotation so we don't double up, but he will be back as normal on Monday, June 26th. As always, thank you all for your interest and/or faith in Crestfall. I know past few months have been a bit slow publicly, and I know people are antsy, which makes me even more thankful that people are willing to wait and see what we are building. As far as our administration team is concerned, we remain committed to a 2017 release, and maybe even Open Beta soon™. - To reiterate; Open Beta is not imminent, but we have now started the final phase of development in the push towards Open Beta. Regards, Asura -- Edit -- Just to prevent questions about it: When we do in fact start Open Beta, it will not be 1x. That's why we have a testing team.
  8. No. Nobody is interested in this. No one is ever interested in Korean or Japanese dramas. It's cancerous. If your previous posts are ignored or just cause flaming towards you, then you know exactly what response you'll get with future posts. There's no reason to keep pushing these. Asura
  9. This. I've been silent for a while. I decided I want to update community myself.
  10. As @Outstanding said, Coolmodi is one of our "super useful" people. He's been doing stuff for us with Bloo and Crogge for sometime behind the scenes. He's taking care of some stuff for Crogge and I.
  11. My problem is the fact they'll be able to link you to your habits and preferences if they want to. "Well, based on his Facebook and Gmail, he's John Smith from Chicago. His history shows he likes lesbian porn, cartoon porn, and listens to mostly rock. He plays League of Legends and Eve. He seems to look at these 3 Facebook profiles often, and seems to have a difference of opinion of us when it comes to Politics. How do we use this information?" It becomes a slippery slope on how much they start snooping and how much they can control. It's already known places like Facebook and Reddit are biased to specific sides on issues. Imagine if they could link your Reddit history to your real identity as well. Ever spent time on a site like 4chan? Now they know every thread you've ever looked at. It's been seen at Facebook where they advertised specifically based on political liking. You don't think this type of stuff could go farther? Data is a weapon, whether people want to believe it or not. Allowing people to purchase and use it as they see fit is definitely a problem, even if you have nothing to hide, people can use the data for one purpose or another.
  12. I've spoken with @namreeb, as well as looked at code. While I see the concept of attempting malicious activity with similar ideas, I don't see an actual issue with nampower. If we do find it as a cause for issue down the road, it will be restricted, but until then, I don't have a problem with it personally. I will close this to prevent any arguments.
  13. Crogge and I have been in emulation for 10 years. We know what can happen, so we're straight forward with how things are. I don't think that's a bad thing. That's part of our transparency. Other projects will shut down last minute, or disappear entirely. We want everything on the table from day 1 so should the time ever come, people are prepared for it instead of shocked about a random shutdown.