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  1. That's kind of an absurd attitude to have. I think your admitted lack of knowledge about both development and the genre are limiting your understanding of the pressures involved in this situation. I'm not a core developer on CF, but I am a developer in real life. You want a project manager to nag people to get stuff done? I understand that, because good project management is necessary in a business to keep people on task. The thing is: Nobody likes being nagged. If you want to nag me, I bill $100/hr. Offer me that and *maybe* I'll be working through the night. Otherwise, I'll tell you where you can stick it, and any other professional developer will do the same. These projects, and all projects like it, are developed because they're fun for the people working on them, and that exposes the differences from corporate structure that are critical, both why having someone who nags people to hit deadlines is an extremely bad idea, and why the project can succeed without the nagging: People do the work because they want to. This is how personal projects work, this is how open source works (which CF is not, but is volunteer-based development), this is how CF necessarily will work. The driving force of "talented people interested in doing something interesting/fun" has gotten a lot of projects that are frankly more ambitious than CF done. Unless someone is going to get out the chequebook, people will just need to accept that as part of something they're getting for free, the people working on it are going to be going to bed on time, spending time with their family, taking breaks if they're not feeling great and occasionally being busy with work that actually pays their bills (which takes priority). That means that deadlines which seem reasonable when they're set are probably going to be missed relatively frequently. You can't predict life, and it'd be boring if you could. This is not indicative of a mismanaged project which is hopeless the same way frequently missed deadlines would imply disaster for a project in a business. People want dates and deadlines and sure-things without understanding that to get those, you need to provide the people working towards them something more valuable than the other priorities in their life. The CF devs have always been hesitant with dates presumably because they understand that if something comes up in their lives, it's probably going to take priority, and that can really mess up a schedule. Things are still getting done.