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  1. Looks interesting, and I'm curious if it will ever take off. The "team" seems heavily Kronos biased which could lead to some questions about being impartial when moderating. Another potential issue, or godsend, is the restricted posting. This is a barrier to both casual lurkers and shitposters, so it could be the best choice they made or the worst one which could prevent its growth. Overall it should be a good litmus test to see if the community really does want a more regulated environment to discuss private servers, or continue to run rampant everywhere they can.
  2. Beta testers currently have commands available to them, but in a full open beta I don't know if you guys will have them or not. I'm assuming no though, you guys shouldn't need those commands by that stage of development. Usually in an open beta, projects are looking for people playing the game normally and testing content in a "live" setting if that makes sense. I look forward to seeing all the new testers one day though! Who knows, maybe you will have all the commands?
  3. Gz dude, you deserve it
  4. Lok'tar Ogar, brother.
  5. Extra Swings hype
  6. Gnomes are not to be trusted.
  7. Yeah well this is all interesting and what not, but when is the Gamma test?
  8. Hey you forgot to do the Gamma update this week Darkrasp . . . Leaving us in the dark . . .
  9. This is awful, video about the alpha but ends up being 3 minutes of him vlogging about random crap, kek. Literally 18 seconds total of CF alpha content out of a 3:35 minute video.