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  1. If stacking world buffs wasn't possible, I'd propably not even want to play the game, it's a huge part of fun raids for many people.
  2. I wanna chime in here and mention that this isn't a Horde nerf, on the contrary. Most servers that you played on didn't even have cross-proccs (ie. a hoj procc triggering windfury) working at all. This fix is a net improvement to Horde dps overall, by merit of it not working on pretty much most servers. The big factor here is the windfury totem itself, as it has by far the highest procc chance out of any extra-swing procc abilities, ergo it chains easily off of other effects. Ie. the 2% hoj procc has a 1/5 chance of ending in a windfury, which practically is a 0-100 on the rage meter for a warrior. Sword spec is the same story. It's a good compromise overall.
  3. Accurate representation of the bug tracker right now:
  4. Really hope this doesn't happen
  5. What could it possibly mean?
  6. First, also gratz!
  7. Oh boy here we go
  8. Warrior, like always.
  9. All I hope is that the server has all the proper mechanics in place (read the Ragnaros post, it's a very good read on just how little other servers actually care). The actual number scaling matters very little afterwards and can infact be inflated to provide a more enjoyable experience with the higher average skill level compared to vanilla. But people weren't stupid back in vanilla, not to this degree. Ragnaros cannot be taken down with 0 FR on anyone but the tank. The mechanics don't allow it. Not even with double FR pot. The more I read about it on wayback machine the more I realize is that the "nobody knew how to do bosses" arguments is simply funded on bad private server scripts and none of those people have ever actually played real retail vanilla. Once the proper mechanics are in place and the numbers are tuned right and you still manage to pull off the quick kill without FR, then I concede to your point, but before then, if you take your experience from any private server as an argument, you simply don't know what you're talking about. This includes Nostalrius, Kronos and especially Feenix, because people somehow still believe that anything on that server works the way it should. I commend the devs on this server to not accept the status quo as a fact and actually dive into the material and challenge pre-existing notions about how hard a boss should be.
  10. Thank god
  11. Prebuff PvP items is a huge deal for me, as this changes the way many classes gear up and makes gearing harder (this is a good thing). Nostalrius' attempt at having progressive items was really bad, because they didn't bother to put the PvP items in their proper patch-state and this ended with AQ40 equivalent loot being available to solo players when BWL was fresh released. I'm very much looking forward to progressive items done right for once.
  12. I'm currently maintanking as a troll warrior on a different server and we got server first Ragnaros. Don't listen to people who think racials mean everything.