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  1. Welcome This is current, most answers to your questions will be found there. Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Are you using a pfUI compatible Clique? https://github.com/shagu/Clique I don't remember off-hand if it supports modifier-combos but I would guess it does. Install it, enable the integration in third-party options in pfUI then go to Group Frames (or similar name, I'm not looking at it in-game) to assign spells to mouse clicks.
  3. Welcome. I like your avatar and profile logo.
  4. (1) I was corrected on this very early in CF life, because I answered from memory and my memory was bad. Having had to check more carefully and look at my old guild forum posts with strategies from Classic as well as provided with video evidence of Taunt debuff on Ragnaros, the answer is that he is not immune to Taunt. A question of my own: Q: In the same vein of launching with Maraudon so it takes it proper place in the leveling progression, will all the Level 50 class quests that are completed in Sunken Temple be available at the start? They were originally added in three batches 1.7.0 1.8.0 and finally Druid level 50 class quest in 1.11.1. I think it would make sense to have them all added together and have them available for levelers going through ST (unlikely for anyone but completionists to go back for them at 60), but interested to know the plans for this regardless Quest IDs for the ending quests: 8232 (Hunter) 8236 (Rogue) 8253 (Mage) 8257 (Priest) 8413 (Shaman) 8418 (Paladin) 8422 (Warlock) 8425 (Warrior) 9053 (Druid)
  5. "Why is it a different playstyle?" You should direct that question to Blizzard? (you just need a time-machine since you have to ask the Blizzard of 2003/4) They are the ones that launched with PvE/PvP and RP rulesets. In-fact https://games.soe.ucsc.edu/sites/default/files/wowspyder.pdf this might open your eyes a bit, especially if you're from NA.
  6. I think one other factor that helps with a higher cap is that these servers - unlike retail - span timezones (majority is probably EU since vpn (Asia) will get their own realm if there's enough interest) but that still leaves NA and possibly AU. Having a higher pop cap allows those areas to have a health(ier) pop during their primetime. Economy is still affected ofc but I think that's a small price to pay if it's within sensible limits. 5k seems a good compromise.
  7. Population cap in Classic started out at 2.5k on launch and was gradually (with 2nd generation blades) increased to 3.5k by the end of vanilla. We have the various estimates from boxes sold and initial population reports as well as number of realms, so I'll just post this direct quote from Mark Kern (part of the original team) So this should at least put to rest the discussion of "what was retail cap in 1.12?" Those of us that have played during that time have all played on "medium" realms that had a concurrency of ~1k / faction in prime time and lower in off-hours and they didn't feel empty. Packed retail realms with bad faction balance had maybe ~3k for the dominant faction. This 10k or ded meme is purely Nostalrius concept. The original game was designed for a ~1.5k / faction maximum.
  8. I realized I have ESO (the base game no DLC) from the time I was testing every mmorpg in existence (that wasn't WoW )
  9. My strictly personal opinion is that there's already class imbalances in vanilla, that's part of the package old talents or not. Your (2) is much more important because to do old talents, old versions of spells would require either (i) players to start on an earlier client and patch it up moving forward (1.3 > 1.4 > 1.9 > etc) which is impractical or (ii) an ungodly amount of work server side doing spell ability and talent overrides (i.e. ignoring the data stored in the 1.12.1 client files). This is also leaving aside the extra work needed in research on mechanics and such which would increase by several orders of magnitude. We already have problems getting stuff close to 100% when trying to emulate the game in its final resting state of classic, imagine trying to replicate that work for intermediate versions. Aside from all the technical and manpower difficulties, personally I only see limited mileage out of "true" progression (items, content unlock as is already planned and on top of it spells and talents) At most the first wave of levelers and people that go through content then it's done. Slower progressing folks or people joining later in the server life will miss it. So while I'm not outright dismissive of the idea, I think it's too much work for too little result (the last part in particular, items and content unlock is more manageable and work is already done in large part)
  10. Shoulder models in beta were huge. I'm not sure if it's posted as a curiosity item or as a question either though
  11. The cumulative changes are not straight up nerfs though. Some are nerfs some are buffs, the only "constant" appears to be reducing number of trash, weakening trash, lengthening respawn timers in some occassions. Several of those are also simple mechanics fixes (scripted event problems, like doors not opening) or unlock mechanics not being equal (pick lock, seaforium or blacksmith keys, if one works all should).
  12. It's not a discussion place, the forums here are more suitable. It was used just as a outreach for official announcements to the reddit platform (like you could have a facebook group or a twitter account etc) The main platform of communication is the forums here for Crestfall. Edit: This might change closer to release or when there's an open beta accessible to the general public.
  13. I'm conflicted From one side I don't want to jump the gun and come with preconceived notions but .. This feels a whole lot like a "bad cop, good cop" scenario and reeks of marketing to me. (MrLegacy & /r/LegacyRealms) I mean we had Mr Legacy and Co. Marelle (risenui/vashin/cthuntrash/etc/etc) from Risen with his army of reddit alts and probably a couple more of his ex-guildies (wootlol900, elyleaks) acting like a gang of internet thugs running rampant on /r/wowservers for the past 2-3 months. The "good cop" in all this period is doing nothing, not condemning doxxing or any of the worse practices used, then when finally moderation kicks in and bans the worst offenders and the whole shitstorm is over, and the platform for the bad cop is removed, they make the "better wowservers" after the fact? And several of the bigger private server players are conspicuously missing from the "council" of the new place? I'm sorry but this doesn't say "clean slate" to me not without a goldfish memory. But anyway that's just me, I won't post further on the subject, I wish everyone involved good luck.
  14. Name Home Home Position LegacyRealms Role SAKUJ0 Kronos Moderator Direction Wyke_Unchained Rebirth Game Master little_gamie Kronos Moderator Content Creator GMGurky Kronos Game Master Management PathlessGiant Nostralia Community Manager Debate Eitri VengeanceWoW That looks a bit like Kronos and affiliates or Kronos & potential recruits (Wyke). Or generally speaking "we are the legacy movement leader, able to guarantee fair play among servers" (*unlike those other shady people is what is implied) Looks like a nice anti-Elysium gathering tbh. Wyke has never hidden his feelings about it, and neither have you. I'll sub and lurk but I'd be lying if I said this doesn't pop some red flags for me.