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  1. Alrasheed FM http://radio.garden/live/mosul/alrasheed-fm-mosul/
  2. I hadn't woken up this happy in weeks.
  3. It really depends on the server's policy towards buffing respawn rates/making them dynamic. On old nost launch, which didn't have any sort of respawn timer reduction, starting zones were a special kind of hell and grouping up to go out and kill red mobs was pretty much the only way to level up, with only 4k people online. On elysium or zeth'kur launches which had 8-11k/6k people online respectively, leveling up in a normal way, grinding on mobs inside the starting zone and even doing quests was much more bearable, because it took most mobs several seconds to respawn. If Crestfall also implements dynamic respawn rates high enough to accommodate the starting population, then leveling through level-appropriate quests will easily be the way to go.
  4. President Donald Trump
  5. Of course it's a problem. Vanilla without a decent population is meaningless.
  6. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Blackrock_Depths_regions#The_lava_path: says that you need Shadowforge Key to continue through Lyceum, and that you can't turn back and do the 7. Seems fair enough. The video that's been posted in this thread earlier is pretty much all there is to it. "15 minutes a run" is a gross exaggeration though, maybe unless we're talking a really geared party with a really good knowledge of the route.
  7. Alright, I know that probably no sane person has an active WoW subscription in this day and age. But just in case someone here does, Blizzard has recently started gathering questions for the upcoming BlizzCon Q&A in these threads: http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613693548 http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749667310 There's already a very strong pro-legacy sentiment, on every page there's ~5 people asking for legacy servers and they all get massively upvoted, but I guess a bit more wouldn't hurt? Suit yourself, folks.
  8. Pretty sure most of these are available on youtube mate. The only one I couldn't find is Xantim 2.
  9. I know that a starting zone duo should be two directly connected zones, but for me it's always Tirisfal -> Barrens. That's how I like it best, good quests in both zones, it's a really nice change of scenery and when you do it on a server start when little bit ahead of the curve, it feels like going from a zombie apocalypse movie to a relatively underpopulated, take-it-easy place.
  10. Thanks for the update! I wanted to ask, how much of the seemingly unimportant/obscure instance events are taken into account? I mean stuff like Dark Iron dwarves in Grim Guzzler going after the mugs of ale you throw on the ground, drinking them and getting stunned. Will we see that? Also, if a Crestfall DB/Armory happens, are there any plans to provide an Edge of Madness calendar? I'm pretty sure the boss rotations are hard-coded into the game, but players normally have to check archived sources then do their own calculations to find out when will a certain boss become available.
  11. If you take the social interaction away, vanilla WoW becomes a mediocre, grindy RPG. Taking World PvP away is like taking away half of social interaction this game has. And it's the better half.
  12. It's not like we're in 2006 and nobody has played TBC yet. People will know what they're missing out on by not playing the expansion. Sure, a severe population drop will occur, but I doubt that it will be enough to sway the dedicated vanilla fans. Spot on. But 1-60 leveling will be something everyone on Crestfall will have to endure, no matter how what expansion do they intend to stop at. However, not a single one of the servers you've listed (except Feenix, but it was garbage) has delivered any content beyond AQ. The real endgame content will be the reason why people will stay on vanilla. Imagine your typical mediocre raiding guild that will probably start progressing through Naxx months after it's released - will they just give it up once TBC becomes available? Because that's what people had to do back in 2007, however back then they had no choice in the matter - there would be no vanilla servers left. Now there will be.
  13. @Outstanding You keep assuming that the bulk of population will be mostly the same kind of people as those already browsing these forums? Now that's not how I'd put it, the poll clearly shows that the majority of those 25% who voted are interested in the PTE aspect of this server. But if Crestfall presents itself decently during beta tests and creates sufficient hype, it will attract thousands of (ex-)Kronos/Nost players who will come for vanilla and stay for vanilla. There have always been people who simply favor vanilla over all the expansions, and if a worthy 1.12.1 server presents itself, they will stay there, even after the progression is done. If other folks want to play their shiny expacs, then let 'em, there's no harm in that and no threat to vanilla whatsoever.