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  1. Played classic at release, and still play retail to this day... played on Kronos, Nost, and a few other servers here and there but all my high-end raiding experience is on retail. No classic servers that have come out have really held my attention very long
  2. Welcome! IMO one of the coolest aspects of private servers is that it lets people who never played classic at all or were too young to fully appreciate it experience it. They can say "you think you do, but you don't" all day long to those of us who've already been there, done that on retail but it's a genuinely fresh experience for so many people. While retail may still be a fun game in some respects (this coming from someone who actively subscribes to retail) it's absolutely not the same! I hope you enjoy your experience
  3. I believe early on yes, Warlocks could summon players who were outside the intended level range for the BG and bypass the player cap but it was fixed pretty quickly.
  4. Would a site like El's Anglin' have any info on it? I know the site is defunct now but a cached version of it probably exists somewhere that might shed some light on this. EDIT: Checked it out, the archived version from mid-BC has info on drop chances for pretty much everywhere in the game as well as "best catch times", ie during which hours those fish have the highest drop percent. They're not exact number and someone would probably need to go through and collect all the data but it's... something?
  5. They're exploiting a bug. Up until 1.11 it was possible to join a BG with the deserter buff if you formed a raid, put the leader (without the deserter debuff) in a separate group, and had them queue you up. So you could have 5 people in group 1 with deserter and the leader in group 2 without it and you would still be able to queue since technically nobody in your "group" had the debuff.
  6. I feel.... average now, haha.
  7. So much progress can't wait to finally test the new loot system, thanks Darkrasp!
  8. Not necessarily a bug. Skeletons stay active until a server reset, even on live. Even up through Cata, with enough deaths, you could build a giant pile of skeletons. In Mists of Pandaria it was changed so that players only leave 1 skeleton at a time, meaning if you die, leave a skeleton, and die again, your old skeleton will disappear. Obviously you're right and it can cause lag, which is probably why they changed it.
  9. In Vanilla the Tauren racial was a flat 5% increase to max HP. It was changed to a + base health bonus in WoTLK, and a + stamina per level bonus in WoD. The Vanilla version's benefit increases as your gear increases and has no cap. It also stacks with buffs like PWF and Flask of the Titans. It's the best horde side PvE mitigation racial.
  10. Hi. I've also been part of the Alpha testing team for the past few weeks and I'd say my overall experience has been great! The devs are people with full time jobs/school like many of us but it hasn't stopped them from being communicative and working with us to make the alpha test efficient and productive. They're earnest and willing to answer questions about how things are going and what their plans are, and have been very open to talking to testers about any concerns. Quite frequently I go to bed and wake up to several hundred messages worth of discussion about loot, mechanics, items, systems, whatever you can think of between devs and the others testers. I have never for a second felt that the project was in danger of failure due to lack of interest or motivation -- everyone on the team is dedicated to seeing this become the best it can be, and they are constantly looking ahead towards the future. There's always been someone around to answer questions I've had about testing or to fix any issues that arise, and the back and forth on the tracker (seeking clarification, discussing possible solutions to problems, posting research findings, alerting when fixes for issues go out, etc.) when needed has been great. Issues are checked, double checked, and then backed up with proof just to make sure (Darkrasp's insane level of attention to detail on the dungeon loot tables is a great example of this -- he gave us live updates as he worked on the MC ones and that's some serious dedication right there, haha). As for the server itself, it's very easy to see that it's something that's had a lot of love and care put into it and it's definitely been rebuilt from the ground up. The clustering is phenomenal (like imba said, even when things go wonky on one continent, you can just log over to the other one and wait for the broken one to come back up) and makes minor crashes way less of a headache. My assignment for this phase of testing was to test the starting zones to make sure questing was functioning properly, and I actually found surprisingly few issues. The one "major" (I use major lightly) one I found was one Asura already mentioned a while ago, where kill quests were all being tracked via mob GUID so killing respawns didn't count unless you relogged. Other than that and some minor issues with quests that involved clicking on objects in the world (things like cleansing the wells in the Tauren starting area or destroying the attack plans in the Orc/Troll one) or required clicking an item to start (The Admiral's Orders, for instance) questing, as a whole, has been very well done. I won't lie, I've been slacking a teeny bit the last few days since I've been traveling, but I'm super excited to move into the next phase of testing and see how much better things get from here because I know it's going to be great!
  11. Is there anything as non-devs we can do to help you guys out? I'm sure in the end it all comes down to punching the correct numbers in, but I know many of us would be more than happy to lend a hand in any way we could. I know getting too many people involved can overcomplicate things, though, so I can see why you'd want to keep it to a few people. Just curious! Still super stoked for this either way. Keep up the awesome work
  12. Wow, this bug is present on every single server I've ever played on and I never drew the link between it and people blindly copying WoWHead's misappropriated loot tables without thinking... redoing every mob's loot table sounds tedious as all hell but I'm super excited to see it in action. Thank you for the update!
  13. http://www.ctprofiles.net/ It's not exactly easy since a database error makes creating a new character impossible. You need to go to 'browse character profiles' and search for a level 60 of the race/class combo you want, then find someone who's naked. Sorting by HP and finding what all the lowest ones have in common is probably the best way. For example, based on a search, this would be the base stats for a level 60 Tauren Warrior: https://gyazo.com/ff7ab2beb40097636965b47f125e637c I can corroborate this with this screenshot I pulled off the Nost forums: Unfortunately you can't click on the profiles to view them in detail since they all seem to lead to blank pages, and you don't get things like base armor or attack power.... but I guess this is the closest you can get? You could try this site as well but most of the tables aren't completed for most race/class combos. Sorry, wish there was a more helpful resource out there. Actually I desperately wish CTprofiles still functioned because it's pretty much exactly what you're looking for... and I'd like to play around with it as well
  14. Towards the end of Vanilla a couple of friends and I made some level 1 Trolls just to mess around since we all had the day off thanks to a snow day (we were in high school at the time). For whatever reason we decided to swim out off the coast of Sen'jin just to see how far we could get before dying, and one of us who had made a priest realized you could actually out-heal the fatigue damage and keep swimming infinitely. We all decided to reroll priests and, albeit painfully slowly (you had about 2 seconds to swim forward before you had to stop and heal), we made our way out the southeastern edge of the Kalimdor map. There was nothing there except a small strip of land we could stand on, and then beyond that there was nothing. We played around for a bit and after realizing there was nothing else there to see, jumped off the edge just to see what would happen ... we died, and deleted the characters. Thinking back on it, I wish we had tried to explore further. I'm sure there was some interesting stuff in the other corners of the map. I wonder if this would still work today or if the fatigue damage would be too much for your healing... I did a lot in Vanilla but this event in particular always stuck in my head as something I remembered really fondly. Just joking around and exploring a world that, even though at that point it was two years old, still held a lot of mystery for us.