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  1. Still to this day i would love to see Crestfall launching and i'll be there on launch day !
  2. WoW Crestfall is still alive? I'm still looking forward to it =D lets see if its released in 2020 like we were all joking about ! !
  3. Crestfall CONFIRMED 2040 !
  4. Yes i agree, i prefer quality over quantity of servers, that's why i'll always wait for Crestfall and play it when its released, i just hope they keep working on it and release it. I haven't touched a private server since Nostalrius and PlayTBC. The day Crestfall gets released i'll be the happiest man on Earth Yes i agree Quality is the most important thing, i don't think the classic WoW Blizzard is working on is going to be like it was before, it will probably have tons of modern features. Lets wait and see !
  5. I was hoping we would see a release maybe this year, but probably not. It's sad but true
  6. Quake Champions is free right now until 25th of june, you guys just need to download it on steam and u get it forever. have fun !
  7. I just dropped in to say hello Keep on developing developers, even if its released at 2020 i'll still be waiting for it
  8. Step 1 - Don't be a prick and use Search function Step 2 - Learn how to use the Search Function Step 3 - Profit ???
  9. Free For a Limited Time - Cortex Command Not great but still its a free game ! =D
  10. I just hope Blizzard finally pulls it off... I'm so tired of crappy servers and the wait for Crestfall is simply killing me I really want to play in Crestfall but if vanilla WoW launches and its good, it would be awesome to relive it again.. As it was before, not like most private servers that do custom stuff..
  11. We don't know yet, maybe we get true vanilla without the original bugs, that would be awesome =)
  12. Thx for another great update. i'm concerned about "we" losing the forums, it would be great if we could preserve the amount of stuff it was talked and shared in this amazing community. If not.. well i'll be happy if we have somewhere to stay informed and write some more updates =)
  13. Damn, awesome list buddy. Thanks alot =) It will be useful when the server gets released !
  14. Just got beta access for the remastered version of the first Age of Empires game, lucky as hell ! Anyone here likes the franchise? I'm excited to try it out =)
  15. Hi, good afternoon everyone. I haven't been around much due to work, i have some time from now on to come back to my beloved Crestfall project =) And i gotta say i don't really want to know if the name says Crestfall or Elysium, i just want the same devs working on the project and i want it to be released so i can finally play. I don't care about anything else. Hopefully we'll have Crestfall in 2018, if not, well.. there's always next year folks !
  16. Howdy friend. Welcome to this amazing community.
  17. Rekt ^^
  18. Thanks for yet another amazing blog @Darkrasp Keep up the good work !
  19. Lol i just found this and i can't stop laughing =D
  20. Private servers will always be a mess until developers start focusing in developing their severs and fixings their bugs before release(no matter how long that takes) instead of releasing early to compete with other servers. That's one of the main reasons i normally don't like most private servers. Being vanilla or tbc or wrath, etc..
  21. My last hope is Crestfall if that doesn't work out, well i'll stick to other games. Have a great day everyone !
  22. What? something that isn't WoW? Blasphemy ! !