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  1. Now when classic is coming i would have loved seeing your guide again @Elicas. If you plan put it up somewhere pls do tell.
  2. Maybe this is omthing i should know but i don't. About Item procs like for ex the Cobalt Crusher frost dmg proc http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=7730Does it scale with spell dmg? If so how much do item proc scale?Do item proc have a chans to crit and if so it is my spell crit that determens that? And do Elemental fury affect weaponprocs that are nature, frost or fire if they crit?thx
  3. I agree. And one thing i laugh alot about is the fact that Kronos get toon of shit for there cash shop because they are honest about it to the public. Were everything is player contributed for ex the caracter AH (no dev duplicates). But all other servers do shady stuf and get away with it. For me Kronos just rise in respect in my eyes. No bullshit.
  4. My view of VoA are positive. I like Killerwife and Laizerox I think they seam to have the right mindset. I would actualy play there if there server were PvP. Thats good to hear. Keep up the good work. if i hade only skills for this line of work i would gladly hade helped. But as a history/social subject teacher i am of no help.
  5. For example contact you and see what you could help me. because in my view you have intergrity and seams by your post being a good guy.
  6. And if he actualy want to get rid of the problem he should have created "fake caracters" and posing as a goldbuyer to ban the sellers accounts. If they/he did that on a regular basis they get hard time working and advertice there product. Much more effektive way. but hey, then he wont make his money. Thats what its really about.
  7. Yea i want goldbuyers ban. but you wont get rid of the sellrs if you feed them gold. That is just upkeeping the bad element. Not solwing the fucking problem. So no shitty tactic and just an excuse to make money of playerbase. And at same time fucking up the economy of the server.
  8. Making money aint the issue. Disgusting things imo: 1. Creating gold (10k at a time) selling to gold sellers and then they give them the name of the people who bought it and the player got banned. Fucking disgusting. It is the goldsellers that he should chase, but they could keep on doing there job as long as he chase some guy buying gold. 2. Creating caracters with R14 gear and selling. That makes the server pay to win. He give some people caracters that peoplke strive to achiev on ther own. Disgusting imo. 3. Luring his own staff when he makes the server a profit for him self but fucking over the rest of the staff. Crogge made a fool of him self. He can change and i hope he learnd from this. And not just learn "dont trust people with my shaddy buissnes"..
  9. I do agree on the paying front. i wouldent mind paying to play on private if i think the quality is good enough. My problem with Crogge are the way he made money by fucking up gaming experience. He made it pay to win tbh with his creating r14 caracters.
  10. I don't think this is him. Don't "sound" like Crogge tbh. When LH stole server they came over the passwords even Crogges. His reddit sccount were comprimissed etc. I don't condone of Crogges actions. But i do not belive this is him writing would be so stupid. And pretty low of the person writing this in his name.
  11. Think you idea of a sub is great. I don't se the problem a server can't be run by will it need donations. As i have stated before i have 0 problem with staff making money of a project. What i have a problem is that the means witch many project funds there servers are by means witch affect the gaming experience. ex: Making gold to sell to players: that inflates the market. Destroys AH and cost for the rest etc. Just because blizzard does it now on retail don't make it ok. And cant compare them with goldsellers who farm and farm to get gold. Selling caracters that you have created. Like Crogge did with r14 geard are totaly destroying the game. It's pretty hard work to get there with a caracter. You should not give that away to support the server that destroys the experience. Even less geard caracters are wron. ffs lvl like the rest of us. Some say then "but selling caracters are allready done by sites". So? first of that is lvld caracters made by players and the effort behind is countless hours. Not same ting even if its wrong. Things that could generate money: 1. When serverer are released se to it players could pay to have like 1-2 names taken by them for caracters. 2. Get a premium membership to skip que. Could be lifetime or for let say 6 month/a year. 3. Vanity items like "pets". 4. Maybe to creat an account in first place to play you need to donate a sertain sum 1 per account. There are 4 options imo that could bring in some money.
  12. I have 0 problem with staff making money of the private server project. I think the service they provide and workload deserv them credits. What i don't accept is it doing in a shady way (not open). Adn that it is made in a way that affect the playerbase experience. 1. Creating gold to sell and flod the market affect the gameplay. 2. Creating/duplicating R14 pvp caracters with that gear and sell affects gameplay. That is what i have a problem with. I don't care if staff makes money. But don't affect gameplay and the experience for players then you are fucking us over.
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/76vay8/a_serious_indepth_summary_of_everything_that/
  14. I whas joking. I know his past. But the problem is that most of private server community are shady Imo Kronos and Twinstar comes of more and more "honest" than the rest. Yes they have vanity items (mounts etc) and players can auction away caracters they dont want. But still its open. There are no pay to win, its fine scripted. So much shit they gotten last years but still stable and open.