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  1. Awesome welcome, I'm glad to have tanks on the alliance side I hope to see you in game???
  2. a big fat mess
  3. What are your opinions on paladins using first aid? Personally I have always picked up first aid just to have some extra healing and work on a skill but what are your guys opinions when it comes to first aid
  4. What a fatass cat, needs to go on a diet asap
  5. Tfw no mage gf
  6. Canada Masterace
  7. german

    tfw no qt fraulein gf
  8. Noon GMT +1 Tomorrow
  9. Just posting some of the videos i would alt-tab out to and watch when I was a youngling playing wow, or listen to at sleep overs with my friends before playing wow. I remember those all nighters playing WoW and having my buddies friends parents make us breakfast and after go back to killing horde in tanaris Everytime I listen its bittersweet listening to this songs knowing what happiness they borught but also knowing I will never have them back
  10. Have faith the devs and people involved in this are working hard fam, and they got their personal lives and stuff outside of crestfall so just hang on, there are some streams coming up though
  11. Welcome bruh, We are the best class and make all others jelly. Plus horde are full of disgusting abomination of races so we good
  12. I just realized my typical is terrible plz.excuse I'm in bed with a food baby and half asleep
  13. Anyone remember these guys? I was a big fan of them and even played with a few on executes before they called it quits ReLly.funny stuff, I feel like if they stuck around when twitch became huge they wouldhaveade it good. Also I remember the totally rad show too, which I got to meet Jeff cannata
  14. Lmao the monkey prick