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  3. Can you tell us, in a very global way, at what point is the project now?
  4. Can you give us a clue about it?
  5. Nice Prefer Crestfall over WoW Classic.
  6. Still to this day i would love to see Crestfall launching and i'll be there on launch day !
  7. WoW Crestfall is still alive? I'm still looking forward to it =D lets see if its released in 2020 like we were all joking about ! !
  8. Glad to see the update! Hope you guys are doing well.
  9. They're back! Thank you so much. *changes background to Kira*
  10. Good evening, I'm sure you have noticed the recent downtime of our forums, we had technical problems with our previous Domain. We got a new domain https://crestfall.online/ and tweaked all forum settings, everything should work as intended. We thank you for your patience and continued interest in Crestfall. P.S: A small surprise will be released within 3 months.
  11. This game has a flexible system of authentic vehicle upgrade and development allows you to try any of the vehicles and weapons in the games. About this game it is all about teamwork. Try to add your favorite strategy to build your own iron empire and display the indisputable authority of the power of the tank!
  12. Mine is blue and black.
  13. It's great to see that you guys are still making progress! Still waiting, even if classic releases in summer, i'll still check in here to see how you guys are doing
  14. This is great! I have been fighting with Nostalrius and Elysium for months to force them fix bugged junkbox loot, but they was ignoring my applications on bugtracker until i quit playing on server with such discriminatory treatment to retail realities.
  15. Items with money inside. Sounds interesting. Will pickpocket lootboxes contain money, as it intended?
  16. We're looking forwards to Classic release for that very reason.
  17. It will be much easier to collect data once official classic gets released
  18. Coolmodi is a beast BTW. ^^
  19. Would be interesting to know! I remember the peak of this forum and the comments, activity, and well.... lets just hope its not dead!
  20. A new year..... and a new status update? Or is it now officially dead? (That would be too bad.)
  21. I probably won't pay for retail subsciption, i'll only follow streams and stuff. If this server opens, i will probably play on this one.
  22. Oh, hi Mark !
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